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Priyanka is currently teaching English in France. A major in English and French Literature by way of education, an ardent theatre artist, and an amateur poet, in her free time she writes letters, dances salsa, or plays violin.
Study Abroad

10 things you’d understand if you’ve lived abroad

Moving away from your home country is like stepping out of your cocoon. We sometimes find ourselves sitting in a crowded bar and discussing about our homelands or other...
foreign language Learning

5 Strategies to follow if you’re struggling to learn a foreign language

Learning a language is like starting a new life, with new rules and a whole new context. It’s not just about getting the rules correct, it’s more about trying...
Higher Education

Why Higher Education and Skill Development need to go hand-in-hand

Indian job market is flooded with qualified individuals but when it comes to surviving in a professional atmosphere, these individuals take good amount of time before delivering what is...

8 Amazing habits that can make parenting easy for you

When you become parents, and you see your toddler transforming into a teen, you’d realize that it’s the little things that matter the most. BE THE ROLE MODEL Believe it...
Indian Parents

How Parents’s Pressure Affects Education and Career Choices

―Because the world is making such drastic demands upon the coming workers, every thoughtful man and woman, every teacher and reflecting parent, is planning ways to fit the children...
Youth help Promote Cleanliness

How Can Youth Help The Government In Promoting Cleanliness

Be it promoting peace or creating awareness about social issues, the youth of today has always played an active role. They are the ones full of energy and enthusiasm;...

5 career options to choose if you know French Language

Learning French or planning to learn? Well here are some career paths you could chose depending upon your expertise of the language. GET LOST IN TRANSLATION If you are good at...

Why is menstruation still considered a taboo in India

Living in 21st century hasn’t withered away the primitive myths pertaining to menstruation.  Reports suggest that about 75% of Indian women are still hesitant in buying sanitary pads and...



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