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How to Succeed as an Interior Designing Student

Interior Designing is a fast-growing field in India. The country offers multiple graduate/ diploma/ graduate-diploma courses in interior designing. If you are a student, here are ways you could...
How to design Study Room

12 tips to design the perfect study Room

Study rooms are one of the most important parts of a home. Although it might not be the cool armchair you show-off to your friends and colleagues, it’s a...
Mother and Daughter

How Parents Can Help Teenagers Resist Peer Pressure

Dealing with Peer Pressure plays a huge role in the moulding of your child’s personality. It also provides a chance for you to create a stronger bond with your...
Youth Voices

Importance Of Giving Youth An Authentic Voice

Before we even begin, let’s get our definitions straight. Who is the youth? Is it the group of people standing outside pelting stones? Is it the group of people...
working women india

Do Indian Working Women Still Face Sexism at work?

A lot of girls start working during their graduate studies, as interns, volunteers, part-time employees. Their lack of experience makes it easy for them to accept a slightly lower...
Abusive Marriage

Is Divorce A Solution To A Violent Or Abusive Marriage?

You come home everyday to a shouting husband or a nagging wife. They sometimes hit you and they sometimes make you feel like there’s no purpose to life. The...
India Matters

Matters of the ‘Should’

“I should talk to her” “I should give him answers” “I should complete this course” “I should go ahead with this job” “I should not wear this” “I should not tell her what I...
National Anthem India

Mandated Patriotism. Is it effective?

With the recent discussions about playing the National Anthem mandatorily in Cinema Halls, a simple question arises, ‘Can listening to and singing along the National Anthem increase patriotism?’ There...



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