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Archana Sarat is a freelance writer and author. While on most days you can find her tapping away on her laptop, sometimes she does turn her hair loose and paint the city red. Her works are published in various popular newspapers and magazines like The Times of India, The Economic Times, The SEBI and Corporate Laws Journal, The CA Newsletter and many more.
How to raise a child of character

How to raise a child of character

The character of a child is not something that they are born with. It is something that they are nurtured and shaped into. There are various factors that go...

Parenting teens with Love and Logic

What do you do when your teenager requests your permission, to stay out at a party, till 2 AM? He tells you that all his friends are going to...
disrespectful teenagers

How to parent difficult and disrespectful teenagers

Teenagers can be difficult and disrespectful. Their rude behaviour can anger and shock you. Every parent goes through at least a few instances when their teenage child is rude...
How to communicate with Teens / Teenagers /

Best way to communicate with your teens

Communication works both ways. It does not mean only talking but also listening. This becomes especially important when you communicate with your teenager. Image source Here are some tips on what...

Why are more teenagers out of control?

The out-of-control teenager is every parent’s nightmare. One day they are restless, the next day they sleep off the entire day and the day after that they are angry...
Teenage sibling

Squabbling Siblings – How to reduce teenage conflict

Adults, especially those who have been single children or those who have forgotten their growing up years or those who have no teenager home, assume that sibling rivalry is...

How to discipline your child

Society imposes rules for the peaceful coexistence of people. Discipline is vital for children to live and flourish in society. Teaching children discipline and control is the responsibility of...

How to be a better parent

Every parent is the best one a child can have. The changing times and awareness has made parents seek ways in which they can be better parents to their...



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