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Satvika enjoys writing, photography and knowing people, through the things they choose to share and the things they don’t.
girls in School

5 Health Issues That Are Quietly Affecting College Students

For most of us, college life means unbounded freedom. Whether you’re living at home with your parents, or in a hostel, flat or PG, for several hours, we are...
How to score good marks in 12th board exams

Saving An Exam in One Night

We're midway through the exam season and all of our enthusiasm, or let's say, motivation, seems to be slowly dwindling away. As every other year, studying beforehand remains an...

Anxiety Disorders In College Students

College life, although meant to be carefree and lively, can be a stressful time for any student. There are multiple aspects of life to be balanced such as work,...

Issues in Higher Education: Student Loan Debt

College is supposed to be the most memorable time of our lives. These are the years when we’re young, carefree, and ready to take on things as they come....

How to Not Limit Yourself to Your College

Even before our Board Exams start, we often fantasize about our college lives. We all have lists of dream colleges and how our campus life will be something right...
Social Media Relationship

Mobile Apps to Increase Your Productivity during Exams

Our smartphones are practically a whole other person in themselves, considering just how much time we spend on them and considering the needs of the current scenario and that...

How Unpaid Internships Exploit College Students?

In the last few years, internships have become a necessary step for graduates as they aim at building a well-rounded CV. Considering the massive insecurity regarding jobs and increasing...

What Should The Government Do To Provide Quality Education To Differently Abled Children

The progression and development of any country depends on the development of all its minor sections and communities. The success of any nation is only possible through the development...



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