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Why Terrorism Hit India — again and again ?

It is a globally acknowledged fact that the threat of terrorism is real and here to stay. With the growth and outpouring of radical elements such as ISIS, the...

Why youth should move towards Spirituality ?

Spirituality is essentially defined as the oneness of soul to the universal soul. It is about finding the same cosmic energy in all living beings. Spirituality takes an individual...
Military Career Life

Military Life: 5 Lessons it can teach the Youth

Military life is awe-inspiring. The problem is, it doesn’t come easy. It comes with its myriad herculean challenges which no ordinary soul can overcome. It takes a real hero,...
Join Indian armed forces

5 Reasons Why Youth Should Join the Armed Forces

Who wouldn’t like to live a dream? The call of adventure beckons us all. The only question then is, are you ready for it? As kids, we all dream...

Teacher Absenteeism in India

The Right to Education act mandates a B.Ed. degree and a good score in the NET aptitude test for all elementary school teachers. The candidates with the best NET...

Why Youth Must join the Indian Armed Forces

One year, one Supreme Court case, innumerable controversies- 2011-2012 just didn’t seem like a good year for the Indian Army. Starting with the Sukhna land scam, the troubles only...
Uniform India

Wear The Uniform; Live the Dreams

“Do you have it in you?” asks the billboard. In a billion-strong nation, do you have what it takes to wear the olive greens and lead its soldiers? Are...

The Unending Saga of Sensational Journalism

Gone are the days when one started the day with the crinkling of a fresh newspaper. The electronic media is in full bloom. From ‘The Morning Coffee’ to ‘The...



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