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She is a former broadcast journalist who has worked for some top names in Indian television news industry for close to a decade. She passionate about women and gender issues, she also loves to write about parenting, child development, art, travel and cinema.
Study in Germany

6 Reasons to Study Abroad in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular destinations in the world for higher studies among international students. Many young aspirants from India too opt for Germany for their undergraduate,...

Gender Sensitization In School Curriculum

Despite making tremendous strides in economy, technology and several other fields, India continues to fare poorly in various global surveys and indices on gender parity. While the constitution grants...

7 Reasons Why Youth Should Travel

Travel is a life-enriching experience for everyone, but it is of special significance to young travelers.  For them, it becomes an important tool to gain knowledge, to explore and...
parents daughter

How To Instill Confidence In Teenagers

Teenage is one of the most complex and vulnerable phases of life during which one deals with physical and hormonal changes and also battles emotional highs and lows. This...
Indpendence day india-indian flag

What Does Independence Mean For Young India?

India is going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its independence from the British rule in a few days. Security apparatus is being put in place and festive arrangements...

How to Encourage youth to Vote

Youth are the assets of any country and their role towards nation-building cannot be ignored. And in a democratic country like India, it becomes all the more important for...

6 Reasons Why Youth Should Vote

India is world’s largest democracy owing to the sheer size of its electorate. In the last general elections held in 2014, over 81 crore people were expected to cast...



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