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Reader by day, Writer by night, (not just another) Journalist, Media Student, Blogger. Have been privileged to work as a freelance writer for the Times Of India and a few more digital magazines.
Stress in Colleges

Causes of stress in Colleges / Universities

Student life is bliss and once high school gets over, life can be overwhelming. Students wait for years to live a life of independence with a drive to make it...

Bullying by teachers in schools and colleges

Bullying is now beheld as an offence of national prominence but as it was earlier alleged as a kid-to-kid delinquency, now it has gained multiplied attention in the foray...

The neglected state of humanities in India

If you’re a student of Humanities and haven’t been shunted with comments like ‘Did you score less?’ or, ‘You guys don’t know what’s stress like’ or, ‘Do you even...

Importance of communication in leadership

Communication is not merely the exchange of information but is an art which is well-used in contemporary World to pave in the way for inspiration and success. So what...

Campus nightmare : Sexual harassment in colleges

The recent sexual harassment case in one of the renowned Film Institute in Kolkata exposed how sensitive matters like this are handled in social institutions in India. The attention...
Youth radically becoming western

Youth radically becoming western in India

India had been an incessant witness to its culture where birthdays meant waking up early, touching the feet of elders, celebrating the joy of an added glory with homemade...

Why is education important in India?

India since Independence has succeeded a lot in the field of science and technology. Beginning from devising our own satellites and its manufacturing competences to being one of the...
Teaching patriotism in School

Should We Teach Patriotism in Schools?

When Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani had proposed back in March’16 about employing retiring junior commissioned officers and soldiers as physical training mentors at central government schools, the motivation...