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Reader by day, Writer by night, (not just another) Journalist, Media Student, Blogger. Have been privileged to work as a freelance writer for the Times Of India and a few more digital magazines.
youth online courses

How can the youth benefit from free online courses?

Online or virtual learning is bringing a revolution in the era of globalization. A decade back, such a panorama might not have been perceivable but with the aid of...

How to rock the next three years in college

We really do all sorts of homework before we’re ready to accommodate ourselves to a totally new environment. The investigation is as vigorous as our energy to look forward...
Slut Shaming Society

Slut-shaming of women in our society must end

We hear about body-shaming every now and then but what is observable in contemporary social structure of India is a rising trend in the society of a typical outlook...

Career in Development Policy

As a branch of social science and somewhat a new field, Development Studies is a multidisciplinary arena mostly concerning analysis and argument to recondition, directly or indirectly, the problems...
Corporal punishment in Indian schools

Should Corporal Punishment Be Allowed In Schools?

Paulo Pinheiro, 2007, UN General Assembly envisioned a world without corporal punishment when he said, “Children are sick of being called ‘the future’. They want to enjoy their childhoods,...
co-ed schools india

Why co-ed schools are better than single sex schools?

The debate on which one of the two types of social institutions stands better is unresolved. Researchers working on possible reforms in educational sector have come up with all...
Today's youth

Today’s youth, tomorrow’s future

We often find ourselves criticizing the present generation more than embracing their spirits. Youth is an unpredictable age, often exhibiting impulsiveness and whimsicality but let’s not scrooge where the...
Stress in Colleges

Causes of stress in Colleges / Universities

Student life is bliss and once high school gets over, life can be overwhelming. Students wait for years to live a life of independence  with a drive to make...