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What Are Some Solutions to Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse is gradually sprawling its evilness amongst the youth. While some begin with merely a fun practice, some get indulged into this addiction due to peer pressure. Some...

How can youth make the best use of social media ?

Social media is the new wave that has hit the shore of youngsters. There is no doubt that each social media network serves differently to the different users, thanks...
The most of their Youth

How Can One Make The Most Of Their Youth?

Youth is the most energetic, charismatic and yet a short phase of a human life. While most of us join the rat race as soon as we get our...
What Young India Want

What does the young India really want?

In the midst of promises of development and growth, In the midst of duties and votes,  The government really needs to listen, What the young India wants? Each day we...
proud to be indian

5 Reasons why I Feel Proud to be an Indian

India is our motherland and it is our patriotic demand to love our motherland always. We have been growing up chanting – "Jai Hind” – “Vande Mataram” – and...

5 Dedicated Indian Civil Servants You Will Be Proud To Know

There are heroes in Bollywood movies and then there are a few unsung heroes in our real life. Heroes, who fight evil till they die, and who don’t bog...

Why Is a Healthy Lifestyle Important for Youth?

In the midst of all the fun that comes with along the younger phase of life, their lies a sleek difference between healthy and unhealthy habits. Most of the...

Why should youth participate in politics?

It has been lately observed that after the independence of our country, the sail of the ship was taken by the old and experienced generation which was definitely important...



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