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Tips for women to look fabulous in ethnic wear at work

A modern outlook towards life and deep respect for the traditions. This is the perfect definition of a 21st-century woman in our country. She knows how to perfectly play...

Do We Need Reservations for Women at Work in India?

India is always known to be a nation with a patriarchal society as its core. For centuries, women have been oppressed in the name of traditions. They were always...

5 Charming Places in Northeast India That No One Told You About

A scenic secret tucked away in tranquillity, Northeast India is the most unique destination in the country. The seven states here come together to give the world a travel...
5 Style Rules Every Working Woman Should Follow

5 Style Rules Every Working Woman Should Follow

  “You can have anything you want in life, if you dress for it.” When the legendary fashion designer Edith Head said these words, she wasn’t joking at all. Style plays...

6 Best places to visit in Darjeeling

West Bengal is a state boasting of numerous cultural gems. When it comes to tourism, its rich heritage makes for a perfect treat for explorers. However, it is not...

Common Travel Illnesses and Ways to Avoid Them

Traveling is definitely a lot of fun, but has to be done with some precautions. After all, who wants to fall ill during a vacation to an exotic location...

Health Tips for Summer

Summers are all about the bright sun, lots of fun and bright colours. With all the fabulous things the season comes with, a lot of health-related issues come along....

Places to Explore in Delhi on a Weekend

Delhi is the political heart of the country, and also a place where diversities turn into a single entity. Inhabited by people of different castes, religions and ethnicities since...



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