Award Wapsi to demean the government of India ?

A nation carrying a rich legacy and promising future have suddenly seen a new debate taking face. At a time when the popular government was elected to the power, the nation is on the right track of the development, an agenda of intolerance has suddenly overtaken the idea of progress.


The debate over the intolerance took a new turn when the pseudo-intellectuals and the national award winner artists started to return their awards expressing concern over the acceptance and intolerance. But are these intellectuals the real patriots who want to see India as one nation or are they just fulfilling the political agendas of their political fathers? The question seems to be legit and needs to be investigated for an answer!

It all started with the death of an Indian scholar, M. M. Kalburgi who was shot dead by two unidentified men at his residence, in congress ruled state of Karnataka.

This apparently spread insecurity in all the fellow artists who returned their awards blaming the Modi government in Delhi. Before we turn to find how successful have they been in their motives, let me first draw an analysis. We all know that law and order is a state subject. Karnataka is a state having congress government and by that logic, the protest must have been against the office bearers.

Apart from this, another incidence over which the intellect of our esteemed artists came to action was Dadri lynching. Clearly, it is again a state matter for the Uttar Pradesh government to look into.

If the matter was not at all concerned with the Modi government, let us have a look at why these people ran a rat race to return the awards. Mind you! I did not say ‘their’ awards because if any filmmaker wins an award it is the hard work of entire unit involved in the film production. Considering the political conspiracy, let me drift your views and connect this entire scene with Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections. The third largest populous state with prime political importance, Bihar was an important territory to win over by the BJP government. Why? Simply because no carriage of progress can ever reach Delhi without crossing the state of Bihar and this made these elections more significant.

Since the day BJP lost the Bihar elections, have any award been returned or was there any debate on intolerance in any of the prime time news channels? Of course, these intellectuals will be considering the loss of the BJP in Bihar as the successful outcome of their campaign to malign the image of the BJP but the damage on the international and the national level is negligible. The image of the popular government suffered negligible loss due to the invisible intellect of the intellectuals and the award winners who apparently insulted the jury who awarded them. It is not this government who awarded them, but it was the result of the love and blessings bestowed upon them by the people of the country. They have totally failed to demean central government rather in turn have faced the criticism and hurt the sentiments of the people who recognize and acknowledge their work.

True that BJP lost Bihar but what happened at Wembley Stadium in London few days back strengthen the base and portrayed the true and correct image of the country. As the British PM, David Cameroon commented, ‘acche din jarur ayengey’.

Have faith, fellow countrymen! India is going to be the superpower once again.

What do you think ?

How successful have the pseudo-award winners been in their motive to defame and demean the Government of India ?

Image Courtesy : Mid-Day


  1. Award Wapsi turmoil is an example of the way political gurus have been running the country. For the first time in the history when the right people came to the power and certain changes were apparent on the grounds, an effort to demean the government started with this stupid concept. It was nothing but the people who achieved the awards out of being the faithful slaves to their masters returning the awards which must not have been awarded to them in the first place.


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