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The much vaunted Pulsar 200 RS was released midway through 2015, and boy, the bike sure doesn’t disappoint! Pulsar’s first entrant into what they call the ‘Racing Sport’ category (hence the RS), this is one lean, mean, machine. If Bumblebee the Autobot (of Transformers fame) had a form as a motorbike, then it would surely be the beautifully menacing Pulsar 200 RS.

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Here’s my Take on Bajaj’s latest offering in the Indian market :


The Pulsar 200 RS is an improvement on their earlier 200 cc bike, the NS. Coming with a huge fairing at the front which encompasses the engine, and two distinctive, gleaming, LED headlights replete with projector lamps to burn the darkness away, this motorcycle is sure to stand out in the crowd. With a split seat instead of the traditional single leather one, and sparkling LED taillights as well, it is a bit different from similar bikes in its class – not that this is a complaint in anyway. In fact, a number of users have already remarked positively on this change, as the rider doesn’t need to continuously lean forwards and strain his back, a complaint which was quite common with owners of the Yamaha R15.

All in all, the Pulsar RS 200 hits all the right notes as far as its look and design is concerned, with the yellow-black variant seeming like a galloping cheetah on the roads, the way it speeds and eats up the miles.


For all its beautiful design and stellar feel, it would have been disappointing had the Pulsar not made all the right noises when it came to performance. Luckily, that is not the case. With a lowered centre of gravity to facilitate sharped turns at greater speed, offering more control, and an increased torque to handle the increased weight of the fairing, the Pulsar is an obvious improvement on its predecessors. But the best part is that Bajaj has heard the complaints of its customer base regarding its bikes, and the RS is the most refined and pleasant ride of all Pulsars, quite neat, we say.

With a liquid-cooled, triple spark engine linked to the six speed gearbox and channelling power to 24.2 BHP, the pulsar packs serious speed and can go up to 146 kmph empty roads. The front and rear disc break, along with MRF rubber work together to provide good stopping power to the bike.

All in all, this one’s a beast on the road, akin to speeding leopard, exuding grace and power in equal amounts when in its element.


Priced at 1.2 lakh rupees (ex-showroom) for the ABS model, and 1.32 lakh rupees (ex-showroom again) for the non-ABS model, the Pulsar 200 RS is worth every penny. It competes not only with 200 cc bikes in its category, but also with 250 cc bikes, and its aggressive pricing gives it a massive advantage over its competitors such as KTM, Honda, and Yamaha, products in the same range are considerably more expensive. It also beats its competitors at providing better mileage!


If you want a sports bike which looks great, performs well, and can run long distances without straining your spine, then the Pulsar 200 RS is right up your alley. Go and try it out, the ride’s well worth it!


  1. Biking is a passion not everyone and anyone can be confronted with. There are still many people who believe 2>4 (relate to the number of the tyres of a car and a bike)
    In this series, Bajaj Pulsar RS200 stands totally up to the mark. In the budget, best of the mileage and a wild performance is the pick you can always bet upon. As the verdict says, it can be one of the best choices you will ever make


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