Being An Atheist

In India, whenever you fill in any form related to a government institution or workplace, then there is a section where you have to select your religion. Many people here face no confusion about their religious identity; they are a Hindu or a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian, a Jain, a Buddhist, and so on. Everybody belongs to one religion or the other. But what if the one belongs to no religion or decides to follow no religion in India, with the advancing time, the number of atheist people is on the rise. But are they actually the true atheist as they say they are?

Who is an atheist?

As you may already know, the idea behind atheism is to believe in facts presented in front of you, anything which can be proven scientifically is real and anything which is present only in a theoretical phase and doesn’t have a rock hard proof is a myth, a lie. Another aspect of an atheist, which is the base of it, is that the person refuses the existence of God, they believe that there are no deities whatsoever and nothing happened out of a sheer magic. Many people over the year has explained it in their own words, but the base of it all is the same, that is, there is no existence of deity in this world. But is it really true; is there any true atheist in this world? Is there a person who one or the other time doesn’t feel the existence of God in any form?

Being an atheist in India

In India, you can hardly find anyone who doesn’t believe in some kind of supernatural power up there deciding their fate. In India the faith in the existence of God is deeply rooted and it is because of this that an atheist finds is hard to survive here. But one of the very important question is, are there any real atheist in India? Mostly what you are going to find is a group of youth in the influence of the ‘idea’ of atheism. The belief system in India runs deep and for any person, it is hard to escape those beliefs and become a non believer by taking a path of atheism. Most of the people who claim to be atheist in India are actually agnostics. An agnostic believes that it is impossible to know the existence of God and refrains from committing to any religious doctrine explaining the same, but an agnostic always remains open to the idea of God’s existence given the proper proofs for it which is hard to get by, as the only people who ever experienced it in totality are the enlightened ones who calls it the spiritual science which is yet to be understood by people all over the world.

What is the end result of atheism?

Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the most influential philosopher said in one of his books that God is dead, he himself died in a state of confusion and disturbance because he refused the existence of something which resides in ourselves, that is consciousness. The whole idea of feeling godliness is not about praying to some particular figure; it is about loving and exploring your own consciousness, that minute voice inside head which take the judgment of wrong and right. An atheist dies in a state of hopelessness because an atheist is actually the purest seeker lost on darkened path. Science analyses everything by disintegrating, starting from the galaxy up to the understanding of the atomic levels. On the other hand spiritual science analyses everything by adding it all together and searching for the cosmic harmony between everything. The end result of atheism is mostly the darkness, but a little open thinking can easily change the end result, the search for the self can transform the life.


  1. Atheism in India is a myth! If you try to counter the ‘religious’ and secular people with the arguments and the logics, you are actually wasting your own time. Blame the history or just that the world is moving more towards the easy things, you have to be religious to survive in India. The idea of atheism is to adopt a life which may not be acceptable to your society and especially to your parents. Why? India!


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