Best Places for MBA and Other Graduate Programs Overseas


Choice is a strange word. In an age when you have limitless choices to pursue an avenue of study or career, it is important to make the right choice. After all, having only a handful of choices can be restrictive, but having too many choices can also be quite confusing, leaving you addled and unable to make the right choice.

So, which is the best choice for you to study abroad? Which graduate program is the best for you? Or for those interested in the vast world of management, which MBA program is the best suited for you? All of these are broad questions in their own way, and instead of looking at them in a minute microcosm, it would perhaps be better to look at them broadly and the way they tie in with your career goals. Here’s our take on this conundrum.

Ivy League colleges in the United States are among the world’s highest ranked universities and a safe bet to begin your education and take the fledgling steps of your career. The only downside? They have a rigorous entry process, one which takes in only the cream of the crop – unless you come from a well-connected, affluent family, or already have made a name for yourself in your field in some way. These colleges come from prestige, from a lot of history and have air of elitism to them. After all, they are among the best, but that is also exactly the reason why getting in is an arduous task. Of course, the experience is unlike any other and if you are fixated on them then you’d better start building a strong resume, replete with great greats and also a strong extra-curricular skillset.

You should also check the world rankings of universities, which we have already mentioned in an earlier post. That will help you make your choice according to the college as well as program ranking. Aim for the best, but make sure to apply to backup options as well.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology are among the foremost universities in the world for engineering students – and for any student interested in the tech field, really.

Oxford University and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom are again among the world’s top 5 colleges. With a rich history going back centuries, they are places steeped in culture and education. You need to be among the very best to get into these colleges, and the course material is again rigorous once you begin, but if you are up for the challenge, then the world is your oyster.

Much like Oxford and Cambridge, Harvard University is always a good choice, whichever course you aim for. With an alumni which boasts some of the most successful and widely-known names in American history, graduates of Harvard are thought to be a cut above the rest.

Of course, as already mentioned, getting into these places is not easy, but there are other extremely good options beyond these names as well. New York University is a great place to study a number of courses such as Creative Writing, Journalism, Engineering, or even to do an MBA. Imperial College London is one of Europe’s finest business schools, and so is Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Remember, as I always say, this is just the starting point for your research. Choose the one which best suits your interests and gives you the best start on a career. Do not be disheartened if you do not make it into the best of the best colleges, after all, you may not come from the greatest college, but you can decide where you go from there.

Never forget, ‘It is our choices which determine our path and who we truly are.’

The choice is yours.


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