Best Possible Career Options after 12th grade

Swarmed with myriad options, the children of grade 12 have a hard time figuring out what they want the rest of their lives to look like. At this time it is only natural to look up to older people for guidance and the right kind of advice. The only problem here is that not all the grown ups are still in touch with the various career options a kid can choose from. The world is constantly growing and so are the avenues in which the kids today can do wonders. And thus, to guide the kids the best, here is a quick list of the best options.

career options after 12th

Let’s start by acknowledging the fact that the kids choose subjects in 11th and 12th grade based on their interests and that is why they would most probably like to continue doing something in their field of preference.


Children which choose Science in their 12th grade usually have two things in mind. They either want to become a doctor or an engineer. What kids fail to see is that there are various other options which could give an equally exciting career, where there is no glut and lots of opportunities.

1. Computer and IT – The age old formula of depending on computers to help you get through life has always turned out to be successful. This field is considered to be one of the highest paying fields in the world and is currently on a boom, because of the constant increase in the dependence on computers. You could become a programmer, start coding and believe it or not, hacking has a fairly bright future too.

2. Engineering and Tech – One field which will only give you several more fields to choose from, engineering is what has been India’s answer to all the career doubts. With over 10 options like – Aeronautical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Automobile, Manufacturing, Material, Mining, Energy, Biotechnology, Ocean and Marine, etc., this field has covered almost all the sectors of society. Also, along with the technical skill comes the analytical background which makes a person capable of venturing into other fields like finance, consulting, analytics etc.

3. Environmental and Biological sciences – If you are somebody who needs to know the answer to global warming, climate change, species extinction, then this is the field for you. You could venture into this field and take up the role of a Food Technologist or Marine Biologist, a Fishery Scientist or a Zoologist, an Agriculturist or an Environmentalist. Know your world and work towards a safer and a balanced future.

4. Medicine and Research – The most respectable career ever in which a person helps the mankind to sustain its existence at the primary level. Doctors and researchers often put others’ lives before their own and that is why it is also believed to be a career for selfless people. The various opportunities or professions one could choose from in this field are – Physician, Dentist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Vet, Homeopathic, ENT, Paediatrics, Surgeon.

5. Paramedical and Healthcare services – With the downfall of a healthy lifestyle, the world is seeing an increase in the demand for Paramedical and Healthcare services. Paramedical services are a very important part of the health industry without which it is almost non-functioning. There are various ailments which can be cured only using Paramedical services, which have recently proved to be the backbone of the modern medicine industry. The various professions in this field are – Nurse, Physiotherapist, Optician.

6. Physical Sciences – The study and research of all non-living things in this world come under this category. This study is utilized to make inventions and discoveries which will be beneficial for the existence of mankind and will be used for various purposes – industrial and commercial. The professions that come under this category are – Physicist, Pharmacist, Geologist and Forensic Scientist.

7. Design and Architecture – This is where it all gets real, if you have been wondering how to make those tall-rise buildings and those never ending bridges, this is the answer to all your questions. Architecture is a field for people who are good at calculus, physics, mathematics and geometry.

Design, on the other hand deals with aesthetics mostly.

The professions in this field are – Fashion design, Product design, Automobile design, Architecture, Game design, Graphic design, Interior design, etc.


The field of commerce is really exciting for people who believe in logic and numbers. The field provides various opportunities for children who have a knack for number crunching and strategies which would help a business grow to new heights.

1. Business Management – Some of the most genius men that our country has today believe very strongly in this profession. Not only does it have great scope but it also gives a person the opportunity to make it big, based solely on their own strategies. This field has particularly become magnetic over the last decade, pulling engineers and even doctors to B schools in order to get more career options. But one needs to keep a check on the B school they choose because of the sudden boom in the number of colleges in this field.

The various professions in this field are – Entrepreneur, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, HR Manager, Event Manager, Retail Manager.

2. Business accounts and finance – This is where the number game begins. This field provides the best job for almost all the people in the country and ensure a proper work-life balance. The most well paid people in the country are the ones who have been in this field for years and have changed the way the world looks at India as a country. This field is all about managing money and minimizing the risk involved. And if you want to be an Investment banker, a Venture Capitalist or get into Private Equity, then this is the field for you. Various professions in this field are – CA, CS, Insurance Broker, Business Analyst, Research Analyst, Financial Planner, Bank Officer, Stock Broker and Real Estate broker.

Humanities and other careers

There are various careers which come under humanities, which ensure a good future for the children who deliberately choose this field. Contrary to the popular belief, this field does have a lot to offer.

1. Social Sciences – Not only do social sciences help you to know about the society and the relationships between individuals but also about yourself. The society today regards social sciences as a respectable field because it is the study of the society, which deals with human behavior and relations and has great future prospects. The major professions in this field are – Anthropologist, Archeologist, Historian, Economist, Psychologist, Sociologist.

2. Civil and Government services – The most sought after jobs in the country today, which give you not only good money but also great status, come from this field. There are various exams which take place testing the capability of a person, to choose people who would be running various administrative offices in the country. The professions that come under this category are – IAS, IRS, IFS, IPS.

3. Law – One can also practice law after studying humanities. The best part about studying law is that there is no limit to your career and you can work for as many years as you want to. Also, lawyers are believed to be some of the smartest people in the world. The professions that one looks at while studying law are – Judge, Advocate, Lawyer, Solicitor, Paralegal.

There other career options that one could choose regardless of their choice of subjects in 12th grade are :

1. Literary arts – If you strongly believe in expressing yourself through language, then this is your true calling. One could be a poet, a writer, a lyricist, a scriptwriter, etc. This is one profession which has absolutely no boundaries and it welcomes all. One could be self-employed and be a blogger or an author.

2. Community and Social services – If you feel strongly about the plight of people who are not equal to you in terms of rights and facilities, then you should go for this. The social sector is currently on a boom in a country like ours, which bears the brunt of inequality in almost all the sectors. Lately, it has become a mandate for well established firms and companies too to fulfill their responsibility towards the society and do CSR projects. The professions in this field are – Social works and Politics.

3. Defense services – One can choose to serve the country by going into the defense services too. The defense services offer a life of discipline and respect and teach you a whole new way of living. The career options in this field are rewarding and exciting at the same time and inculcate values like leadership in an individual. There are various exams and interviews that one has to clear to finally become a part of the defense services. The various avenues in this field are – Army, Navy, Air Force, Police Services.

4. Media and communication – If you have great general knowledge, amazing communication skills and a thing for telling stories in the most transparent and enthralling way, then media and communication is the field for you. The most powerful profession which will change the way you look at the world, media currently rules the planet.

4. Travel and hospitality – If travel is your dream, then don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Our country has finally reached a point where you can make your passion your profession. So, travel while you can and that too on your company’s money. You could write, give reviews, blog and well, make a tv show of your own. Hospitality, on the other hand, will check your personality, your communication skills and your courtesy. One of the finest professions ever, you will get to work in the best hotels in the world.

5. Teacher training – Just like the name suggests, you could become a teacher trainer and teach them how it is done. The education in the country is currently in an appalling state and this is probably the first step to get rid of the problem. Also, while you train teachers, you get to dive deeper into the problem and devise plans which could help in uplifting the state of education in the country.

Apart from these, there is another exhaustive list of professions which one could choose from based on his/her interests –

  1. Office and Admin support
  2. Film and Entertainment
  3. Personal care Services
  4. Visual Arts
  5. Performing Arts, etc.

The best and also the most difficult part of moving out of 12th grade is that the world is full of opportunities. Now this could turn out to be the best or the worst thing based on how you look at it. So keep your head held high and reach out to your seniors, family members and mentors for help and choose the field which suits you the most. All the best, may you shine bright!


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