Bharat Ke Veer – Pay homage to the Soldiers of India who laid down their lives in the line of duty

Every year, the nation celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day, to pay homage to those heroes who stood brave heartedly at the border and fought valiantly with the enemy, just so that the people of our country could sleep peacefully.

Bharat ke Veer 

Unfortunately, for most of the people, such national holidays are similar to just another holiday when they can relax and spend time with their family and friends or probably, listen to some patriotic songs just because they are being played on the radio.

However, by simply buying paraphernalia for Independence Day celebration or by just listening to patriotic songs, you cannot term yourself as patriotic; by doing all this, you are living under a false impression and benefiting those brazen people who sell these paraphernalia in the name of patriotism.

In 2016, around 60 soldiers were killed on the J&K border, mainly due to incessant ceasefire violation on the Indo-Pak border and major terrorist attacks in Uri and Nagrota. When a soldier is killed on the border, the country loses one courageous soul, but something that is left behind after his death is a devastated family that was waiting for him to return to his home and all that they receive is the news of his martyrdom.

As civilians, we cannot be present at the border to protect our nation, however, as a responsible citizen, we can surely do our bit by doing something for the families of such martyrs.

National days are meant to reminisce the sacrifices that were made by the unflinching soldiers of our country and the sufferings that were borne by our freedom fighters because of whom we are living in a free and democratic country.

It is our utmost responsibility to do the least we can do for such brave hearts and we can do so by making a contribution to financially support the families of those soldiers who are not with us anymore.

To expedite this idea, our very own and renowned celebrity Akshay Kumar recently came forward to launch an App called Bharat Ke Veer, with an idea to provide a platform through which people can directly transfer the donation amount in the bank accounts of soldiers and can also view the financial status of the soldier’s family whom they would like to sponsor.

There is already such platform in place, all you need to do is make a good use of it by donating as much as you can. After all, every penny counts!

Therefore, instead of wasting your money on Independence Day and Republic Day decoration and paraphernalia, why not channelize it in the right direction by making optimum use of such platforms.

A tricolour apparel that you plan to wear on Independence Day would gradually become obsolete and wear off lying in your closet but the amount donated for the welfare of army men’s families would benefit them in the long run.

If you wish to exhibit your spirit of patriotism and pay for the sacrifices made by those brave martyrs who left everything behind and chose to devote their lives to their country, there is no better way than this.

There will always be some rapacious people around you who would sell you unnecessary and wasteful stuff, but if you decide to not buy such kind of stuff and donate that money for a noble cause then you can actually make a difference in the lives of those unfortunate families who lost their beloved ones in the war.




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