Brand Consciousness among Indian Teenagers

Brands are something that are often mistaken to define a person. A lot of older people would agree when I say that it isn’t what is on your head but what is in it that defines you! The same goes for the clothes you wear you could wear a Zara top, or a denim shirt you happened to pick up from Sarojini, it would look only as good as you want it to. The younger generation often thinks that their fashion choices define them. Well, other than the fact that you have a good or a bad dressing sense, it doesn’t tell anything about a person. And to be able to judge a person, you would still have to know how they talk, what they talk about, what they believe in and what they don’t believe in.


The youth of today can easily be categorized into two groups-  1. the group which is brand conscious 2nd. the group which isn’t.

Brand conscious – People who are essentially quite conscious of what they wear and how they wear it are usually the ones who go after quality more than the quantity. They prefer their clothes to be unique and perfect and they do prefer looking classy over boho. There is however, absolutely nothing wrong about being brand conscious, you want something you go get it but just make sure you’re not spending way too much for a cloth which could have been bought at a much lesser price. All you need to do is keep your eyes open be sure that you are not being fooled.

Not so brand conscious – People who are not conscious about brands prefer to be able to pick up whatever comes their way. Sometimes the coolest things that they own are picked up from a flea market and that is what is best about such clothes. They can be styled anyway and can be worn to anywhere. As long as the person knows how to carry it, they will rock the look no matter what. Such people often go to shopping trips which are comparatively pocket friendly.

But the whole point is that even after all these differences, there are so many things which unite the youth and make them exactly similar!

1. Thinking – No matter what they wear or how they wear it, they all believe in justice and equality and that is what unites them. They can be rich or not so rich, they can be all posh or not so posh but when it comes to fighting for equality, they will all leave what they love doing to support the fight for truth, justice and equality.

2. Actions – They act like they own the world, behave like they don’t owe any explanation to anyone and talk like the leaders of tomorrow. Hail the new generation because they are here to take the world by storm. Their actions echo their thinking and for once we have people which can be taken on face value. They are passionate, they are fighters and their clothes may differ but the substance they all are made of is just the same.

Indian Teenagers may be conscious about brands but that is not something that can ever be taken as their identity. Their identity is way different from what you take them to be and the day the world stops stereotyping the youth, they will see the metal the youth has within and respect them for just that. The youth which is changing the world and self, the youth which is a believer and a doer and the youth which thinks smartly and looks even smarter.

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  1. Our brains are more synchronized to adopt what is more colourful and have an ability to impress the outer beauty. Our younger people are required to understand that the ideas and power lie in the brain and not the brand you wear. One must focus on the personality development and not wardrobe building. For once you have the mind of best compatibility, your clothes will just be a mark of your own personal style.


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