Breast Cancer Awareness

The most beautiful creation of God, women, are often considered the creator of the universe. Women are responsible for reproduction, the prevalence of love on Earth, and are also the epitome of courage and strength. But like everything else beautiful and perfect women often have to prove their worth by fighting some of the most difficult of struggles. Struggles which they never chose, struggles that people wish never come in anybody’s life, struggles which leave a human being weak and wretched. Breast cancer one of the most deadly illnesses has found its way into the womankind and is proving to be the biggest enemy of all times. Today, one in every 25 women suffers from breast cancer and not many win the battle.


Breast cancer is a form of cancer which develops from the breast tissue, it may be in the form of a lump, or a change in the shape of the breast. It may also be a liquid which comes out of the breast or could make the breast look patchy. The reasons which lead to breast cancer could be anything ranging from the lifestyle to genetic inheritance. The problem though is eventually this has become a fight which has burdened the women of the society. It is a woe of being a woman and it is something that has so far won almost all the time.

What can be done

There are precautions, there is a cure (not 100% effective) and there is medication which could help the women in preventing breast cancer, but most of all the women who go through this unimaginably bad illness need support. If today, in our society, women are unable to talk about their illness openly, then we could not be more unfortunate.

1. Talk openly – if we talk openly about this, the chances of diagnosing it at an earlier stage, where there is still hope of survival, will be much higher. The sheer act of making the women talk about her condition will make her feel free and better.

2. Spread awareness – There are women who are not educated enough to figure what is wrong with them, there are young girls who may not even know that there is such a thing as breast cancer and there will be men who might be completely ignorant of what their woman is going through. You don’t want this ignorance to last for very long. Let’s share this burden and make the society aware of the pain the patients with breast cancer have to go through.

3. Be ready for it – Read up on it, talk to the women in your homes, your neighbourhood, tell them and take information from them. It is not something that could win over the mankind and its intelligence. Let’s get rid of this demon. If you have a lifestyle which is making you prone to the chances of having breast cancer, then mend your ways. Figure out a way to stay away and keep others away from this demon.

4. Follow the campaign – There is already a support campaign running which uses the color pink to support the patients of breast cancer. A beautiful initiative to become a part of somebody else’s struggle and it will make you feel a lot better to be a part of something big. Something that you aren’t doing for yourself, but you are so dedicated that certain people could owe their life to you.

How can it be done?

Stop taking the word support lightly, you have no idea how many women long to talk about their problems, but are forced to keep quiet because they have a fear of being misunderstood. Most of the women never get themselves checked because they are shy. Be that one person who would take the women of his/her family to the doctor for a check up. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Sell the idea of open communication to your friend, mother, sister when it comes to health issues, it may be something that they are taking lightly.

Ignorance, I believe, is a bigger enemy than breast cancer. It is because of ignorance that so many women have to go through whatever they go through. The women ignore themselves, then they are ignored by their friends and family and this is how something that could be prevented becomes something that the woman has to fight with to save her life. The battle is not only their’s, it is your’s too, it is the battle of the entire human race. So, lets show it what we’ve got!

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  1. Breast cancer is a sin that has been surrounding our medical ideas slowly yet gradually. It is something that well must need to fight for. Ladies understand that this is natural and is perfectly okay to talk about it. Self-examination is a must from time and you need to visit your doctor if required. Also, follow the campaign. The world is ready to spread the awareness and waits for you to join. Are you ready?


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