Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers

Motherhood is probably the best phase of your life, your world goes for a toss, but this is the only time when you would absolutely love it. The baby brings happiness and love into your life and you start developing a new perception about everything. For the first time in life you start feeling that you actually care about somebody else more than yourself. The flip side though is that even with all the happiness flowing in, things could get a little overwhelming too.

Breastfeeding which is probably the most essential part of motherhood seems easy at first, but one can encounter a lot of problems while actually doing it. So, here are a few handy tips that you could keep in mind while breastfeeding your kid-

Don’t be surprised if it pains – Breastfeeding can be painful and as told by the new moms, it becomes better gradually. So there are chances of your nipples paining a lot in the initial months, but it will get better by the time the baby grows old enough to sip from a cup or a bottle.

Don’t be shy – Ask or talk about whatever is bothering you, the best advices would come from the ladies in and around your house because they really know their stuff. All the nursing problems can be solved with experience and believe me when I say, practice will make you perfect. The longer you do it, the better you will get at it.

Eat and Drink properly – By drinking we mean water! Hydration is required by the body at the time of lactation and reduction in the amount of water intake can cause you to lose your milk. Eating during your breastfeeding days is another factor that just cannot be ignored. The baby’s health is dependent on you so eating healthy so that your baby stays healthy is necessary. Also, thinking about yourself is also a must during these times because the nutrients will go to the kid, but you might end up with deficiency. So make sensible choices about what to eat and eat enough for the both of you.

Experts, nursing bras and shields – It is best to start consulting the experts before the baby is born so you are mentally prepared for the challenges that you might have to face later. Better safe than sorry! Also, invest in nursing bras, they are easy and comfortable and can be worn under almost anything. Apart from that you will be surprised to know that the notion that nipple shields cut off the flow is wrong, they only help you in fighting the latch on problems.

Moisturize your nipples – Breastfeeding might be really healthy for the kid, but it leaves the mother in pain. At this point, one should seriously think about applying some nipple cream and if you’re not sure that nipple cream would be totally safe, then you could use either Olive oil or your own breast milk.

Making your initial years of motherhood a success depends on whether or not your baby is healthy after a few months and breastfeeding is one of the major factors responsible for building a kid’s health. So give your kid the best health, but do not neglect yourself in the process. The mother’s well being and health is almost as important as the baby’s. Help yourself by using these tips and making breastfeeding an easier deal for yourself!

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  1. In the recent times, young ladies have been reluctant of breastfeeding. Trust me, ladies, it is all necessary for the well being of your infant. He needs right nutrition which is served by the mother’s milk. Do not be afraid, first of all! Be open about it because that is nature and never fret if it pains. It is bound to be so and thus, you can relax because it happens to everyone. Also, you must take a good care of your own health and nutrition as well. Have a balanced diet!


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