How can poetry change the world?

Is poetry on a secret mission of changing the world? how economically easy it is to put the burden of our deeds on something that can be muted as and when we want. art is the most liberated profession, but the world can not swallow the aesthetic of freedom of any artist. hence art has suffered the oppression and despotism at the hands of the world. we aren’t allowed to speak, rather taught, nay, trained to shut up and compromise. we are afraid of change, and poetry is capable of changing us and the world gradually. subtle emotions are expressed in words, enriched with experiences and truth.

Poetry can change the world

Why poetry? how can poetry change the world? what can a poem do? there are so many questions that pop up in the back of our mind when we think of poetry. As far as our relationship with poetry is concerned, it is limited to boring poetry lectures in schools, where we only did our home works by learning all poems by heart instead of understanding the depth of words and the spaces in between. back then, at such tender age, we were too naive to understand the depth of emotions, of course there were few exceptions. there were children, who had the wings of imaginations to soar higher in the spaces in between the words and slide on the rainbow of poetry.

poetry has the potential to inspire the masses in simple words. in this world where we are unable to understand our own self, in and out, the rich expressive words know the need to be understood. as we are unable to classify the circumstances which lead to certain problems in our life, then it is poetry that helps you to spend more time noticing the fragments of life. it becomes a remarkable medium to showcase the awareness of any issues. it actually helps us to categorize the issues we are facing; and once the problems are known, we can materialize the solutions too. though it is not as easy as it sounds, but a slow-moving process, a journey of wisdom, a palate of colors, a saga of love, life and death.

It is very important to understand the truth, and accept it the way it is, without modulating the essence of its existence. daring truth is a courageous act; it builds a bridge from being neglected to being accepted. Poetry helps you to grow patient ears, to visualize the truth. it helps you to evolve, to respond sensibly, and to absorb the impact of reality. it smoothly weaves the set of conditions into words that like minded can easily relate to.

youth has more than hundreds of issues to deal with; our culture and our society is making the communication difficult. In such circumstances, poetry such as slam poetry or performance poetry or page poetry comes to rescue. whether you fall in love or just had a break up, write a poem about it, and it will teach you to flatter or to let it go. If you want to raise voice against social injustice, or you are being victimized, you can blaze a war against it through words. You can channelize the emotions using poetry, and let the rage become your words. though it is not easy, but indeed it is an art. At times, you fall short of words, and that is when your gestures become a poetry, and it never abandons you. so, try writing a poem sometime soon; and see the world change its dynamics.



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