How can the youth benefit from free online courses?

Online or virtual learning is bringing a revolution in the era of globalization. A decade back, such a panorama might not have been perceivable but with the aid of technology bridging geographic constraints, embracing diversity and fixing demographic margins, everything appears imaginable now. With affordability, this sort of learning brings an unfathomable extension for the young to draw in themselves in profitable gaining not only from the solace of their homes as well as in an opportune way. Some of the best online courses are being offered by ‘edx’, ‘coursera’, “MOOC” where first class colleges over the world are working together to make the training framework more streamlined by enhancing the nature of guideline. All things considered, in a knowledge-based global economy, upper hand depends on an individual’s capacity to work over their abilities and scholarly limit.

youth online courses

While it might be said that online courses are not really useful for primary education or forming one’s base, then again it is of high preferred standpoint to the goal-oriented youth setting out on attempts in their vocational path. It is like a small wonder that has caught up with universities, schools and even big corporations who are looking for convenient training ways. The liberty to augment the timeliness as well as the content of the programs have proved handy for companies who want their employees (scattered crosswise over nations) to tap on the same pattern of material so that they are trained in a very cost effective method. Talking of some of the remarkable favorable circumstances that free online courses have provided to students/employees can be recorded as follows –

  1. The pace of learning is mostly assessed in a multiple choice questioning form. This makes adapting very simple and more engaged rather than dreary papers that make assessment moderate, along these lines influencing one’s eagerness to learn and perform.
  2. Feedback is instant and one can avail options of discussion with the other pupils online on an open discussion forum. This opens the scope of diversified solutions from which one can easily figure out their justification to a particular result.
  3. Clever graphics, multimedia, sharp representation and user-friendly approach has made online learning the most feasible and fascinating alternative for today’s youth.
  4. The advantage to learn first-hand (though virtually) from the pioneers of respective fields is made possible. This form of communication between experts or agents of the fields to the ones in the making acts as a bridge, making learning exceptionally powerful.
  5. Textbooks are becoming noticeably temperamental right after few years of usage due to regular overhauling of information resources. Yet despite the cost, knowledge needs to grow and evolve. In contrast to this, online courses are an extraordinary form of most cutting-edge content and at a lower cost.

The development of web based learning is breaking a few hindrances big-time no doubt. Such mixed learning approach, well suited for mass customization tailored to fit individual learning flairs is certainly the call of the 21st century. Infact policymakers could sanction policies that magnify and amend or even supplant conventional type of learning if it wants the youth to deliver. Albeit still an extremely young industry, the way to development must continue for more prominent leaps forward.


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