Career choices after 12th for Non-Medical Students (PCM)

Non-medical is the most popular field to choose in the 12th grade and lands a person with a lot of brilliant options. After choosing Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the main subject for grade 12, the student will have ample of opportunities to turn his life into something that is absolutely mesmerizing. Thankfully, in a country like ours, most of the options after 12th PCM are readily available, thereby making non-medical a choice of most of the students who think they are almost brilliant in studies. The best part is that some of the most talented people in our country belong to this particular field. It brings you fame, money, passion and a promise of a prosperous life.

Engineering and Technology

The first choice of any student who opts for PCM, this field is full of geniuses who are responsible for all the technology that we are enjoying in our life today. From bridges to cell phones, from computers to kindle, we owe it all to engineers and the techies. The best colleges in this field are IITs, without a doubt, and then there are NITs, BITS, VIT, etc., to name a few. This field provides a number of options that one can choose from while choosing the stream and the professions based on that will be – Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Biotechnology, etc.

Computer and IT

If you want to know how important this field is, imagine your life without computers and cell phones. The most coveted profession in the country, IT provides jobs to lacs of students every year. The IT industry is ever growing and it absorbs the students from almost all the best colleges of the country. One’s career is set the minute he/she gets into a good college and the professions he/she could choose from are – Computer Science, Computer Applications, Web developer, Web designer, Computer Engineer, Games Design, Ethical Hacking etc.

Commercial Transport

For the adventurous kinds, this turns out to be the best career ever. If you’re somebody who loves to touch new heights and travel to new destinations every day, then this will be the perfect career option for you. One of the best paid professions in the country, this field will literally take you places. The professions you will be looking at while choosing this field, are – Merchant Navy, Commercial Pilot, Air traffic controller and Logistician.

Defence Services

And the people who love their country would often look for an option to join the defence services of the country. To live a life of bravery, discipline and adventure, you can choose to join the armed forces and sketch out a whole new life for yourself. There are academies that would train you and make you a cut out for the defence forces or there are exams that are equivalent like the NDA exam. When thinking of joining the civil and the national defence forces, the person would be looking at the following professions – Army, Navy, Air force, Police services and Fire Safety.

Choosing a field that will provide you with numerous options is probably the best thing to do at such an early stage of your career planning. Not only will it help you choose better but will give you enough buffer time and space in order to change your mind when you wish to. PCM as a field is the best because it lets you experiment with you intelligence and figure out a niche so that you can plan a life forward easily. But all said and done, it is no joke to crack those entrance exams. Make sure you give it all you’ve got and reach where you want to. All the best!


  1. 12th grade is known as the final step or ending of the school life of a student. After the passing the 12th class, a student must decide on his way and about the best course of his career.Every student should choose any course after a lot of plans and thinking. You can choose it without negligence that what to do with the 12th standard. When choosing your career you should keep in mind various factors such as your interests, job opportunity etc. I hope this article will help you and with the help of this article, you would deal with it easily.


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