Career options after 12th science with Biology

Medical is a stream that is considered to be the most challenging in today’s world and that is why a lot of people shy away from choosing it as a career. However, there are thousands of students who choose science because of the sheer opportunities that it provides and the lustrous future that it has to offer. Choosing Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects, a person becomes eligible to appear for the various medical exams that are conducted throughout the country. Medical as a stream is a gateway to become a doctor in India and has various specializations that one could choose from and become an expert. A few of the fields in which a person can specialize are – cardiology, dermatology, homeopathy, oncology, etc.


Medicine and research

Providing various options to a person who wants to look for a prosperous career in medicine and research, this field is all about the love for the mankind. It works really well for people who put other’s problems before their own and are selfless. A person who chooses this field will essentially be helping others by treating their illness, giving medical advice and reassurance of good health. Doctors are usually closer to and should ideally know the most about their patients. Medicine as a field provides various options for a person to become a doctor of whatever specialization he/she chooses or be a researcher and look for new cure for various illnesses that haunt mankind. The various professions that come under this category are – General Physician, Dentist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Surgeon, Paediatrics, Homeopathic, ENT, Vet.

Environmental and biological

Here we’re talking about various new and old phenomena that affect the human life in a positive or a negative way. An in-depth study of these phenomena to figure out how to sustain human life regardless of all of that. The most interesting bit about this field is that it is based on a problem finding and solving method. The professions that come under this category are – Food Technologist, Zoologist, Ecologist/Environmentalist,etc.

Sanitary Inspector

After clearing 12th board exams in PCB, one could look at the option of becoming a Sanitary Inspector and choose the relevant course. In this profession, the person will be responsible for carrying out hygiene checks in various places like hospitals, laboratories and other places and guarantee complete hygiene for the well-being of the public. Hygiene being an important factor in safeguarding people’s health is another thing hospitals should provide to their patients, and the sanitary inspector makes sure that it is in place.

Laboratory Technician

This field comes under medicine and research but provides a different career to the people who opt for it. The technician carries out procedures under the guidance of a scientist, pathologist or specialized professionals in organic sciences. The technicians carry out everyday procedures on tissues, blood and other corporal fluids in the human body using chemicals, microscopes, laboratory tools and computers. A technician can himself specialize in any of the following fields – Chemistry, Immunology, Blood Banking, Hematology, Microbiology. A technician is also the one who runs the tests in the labs and gives out the results for the same.

Medicine as a field can be quite enterprising with the various options that it provides to the students. This is one field where hard work and brains are required in the same ratio in order to seek success. An average salary of a doctor can go up to several lakhs per month after practicing for a couple of years and that is why this field is coveted. A medical student has to put in years of hard work in order to emerge successful and enjoy work-life balance till the end. Thus, this is a field which is rewarding, but only if you’re ready to put in all that it asks for. All the best!


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