Career Options for BMM Graduates

The Bachelor of Mass Media is one of the most creative and interesting courses out there for students, and as such, there are a plethora of career options available to its graduates once they step out into the wide, wild world.

Career options for BMM graduates

From an arduous but ultimately fulfilling foray into the world of cinema and filmmaking, to a colourful career in photography, to chasing the muse as you prepare to become a writer (of many sorts!), to following a more academically oriented profession in the twin fields of advertising or journalism, either as a media planner, art director, reporter, to name a few.

Here’s a few career options BMM graduates among you can pursue. Hopefully they can help you strategize for the future:

1. Directing

Well, you don’t necessarily need a BMM degree to become a director, but the courses of Understanding Cinema, Creative Writing, Media & Television, and the like which you study during these 3 years can help give you an idea about the field and how it all works. Plus, the short movies that you make for both, projects and for festivals in different colleges, will help you get learn about the profession, giving you a taste about filmmaking, scriptwriting, video editing, cinematography, which will ultimately be of great help in deciding whether this line of work is for you or not. After all, many of the world’s greatest directors began their foray into the world of films and direction with short films made on shoestring budgets. Want an example? Christopher Nolan, perhaps the best director out there right now, yep.

2. Advertising

There’s a host of careers you can pursue in the vast advertising industry. If numbers interest you and television is your passion, then you could become a Media Planner, where you buy and sell time slots on primetime television, newspapers, radios, etc., for your firm, for the purpose of showcasing ads.

You could become a Copywriter, if writing is your passion, and you could write scripts for radio shows, print and tele ads, social media, as well as for digital marketing. There is vast potential for growth as a copywriter, and with time you could become the creative director, and later even the CEO of your organization.

Art Direction is another interesting avenue if putting up sets, designing locations and the like is up your alley.

3. Journalism

If words are your passion but you aren’t content with something like content writing for agencies, instead you prefer changing the world through your words, informing the people about what is happening in the corners of the globe, and helping them stay on top of the news, then you could dive into the big bad world of Journalism as a reporter. You could even merge the twin hobbies of photography and journalism by becoming a photojournalist.

War reporting is another interesting (though risky) profession.

You can work from behind the camera if facing the lens isn’t something you are interested in, or prepared for. There’s a lot to journalism, and with the advent of social media and other fast channels of communications, coupled with all that is going on in the world, there is a lot to do for journalists out there.

This should give you a sneak peek into just some of the careers that you can pursue as BMM graduates. Remember, follow the call of your passion, and you’ll rarely be bored with what you do!

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