Career rule no. 1 – Don’t take a job just for the money

It is true when people say that money may buy you a lot of things, but it cannot buy you everything. And when it comes to choosing a career, one should keep in mind his passion, his interest, and not just the salary that will come with that job. Each one of us looks for a job that we can do for the rest of our lives and if we focus on only the monetary benefits of the job, then we might end up at a place where we get enough money but not enough satisfaction.

Job / Work to be Happy

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There are people who will always look at your salary to determine how successful you are in life, here is why that will never help :

Self Contentment in Important

Money may bring you temporary satisfaction of doing well and being capable of paying your own bills, but in the long term money will not give you the happiness that will come from doing something you love. There is no end to the number game and that is why one can never feel that he has enough money and that is what lands him in the trap. Avoid this natural progression of getting stuck in the money game and find a job that you will love for the rest of your life.

Performance is the key to Success

The term success is totally subjective. It has a different meaning for each individual and hence, if you are one of those who feel earning a lot of money is the only way to be successful, I am sorry to break this news to you that it’s not. No doubt, money is an important factor, but it is not the only factor. There are far too many things like performance, happiness, passion and interest that will play a vital role in your success.

Sense of achievement

Money can never give you that sense of achievement that you will get from giving a great performance or by being up all night to finish your work. Sure, it does feel good when you can take your family out to a 5-star restaurant but how long will that feeling last? There is absolutely no comparison between good performance and money. While the former brings you good name, great contentment and inner peace, the latter brings you only worldly possessions.

Earn for Happiness

Money can never be enough as a sole incentive to work hard. Sooner or later you will start feeling bored and tired of working only for money. And that frustration will take away everything from you. Being at peace comes from liking what you’re doing and trying to succeed in terms of work. Life, however short or long it may be, should always be free of fear and if you depend only on money for happiness you can never be unafraid.

When you depend on money for more than just your basic needs, you slowly give up on everything else – friends, family, happiness and contentment and get stuck in the vicious cycle that has no end point or peak. Money is definitely required to lead a good life, but don’t ever make it the foundation of your life. Make sure you strike a balance between having enough money and leading a happy life. Also, much later in life, when you won’t have an opportunity to change your profession, your choice of earning money over being happy will make you regret and that is not a very good place to be at. Make sure you do what you want to be happy. A person can always manage with lesser money but cannot manage without happiness.


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