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Career Planning

The career planning process

A good job is what everyone desires about. To land up having a good job, it needs a lot of hard work and smart choice of career. There are...
Mistake at work

5 things you should do when you make a mistake at work

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts to make a light bulb or we can say that...
Productive at Work

6 Life Hacks that Make You More Productive at Work

Your professional success depends a lot on how productive you make yourself at work. If you are serious about your career, it is imperative that you need to make...

How to become a Company Secretary

Choosing a right career is very important in everyone’s life. As and when you cross the school age, which is average 15 to 16 years old, parents and teachers...
never discuss at your workplace

5 Things you should never discuss at your workplace

A plush office, handsome salary, rewards & recognition and work life balance; all these factors define an ideal work life for most of us. Unfortunately, for large set of...
Earn Respect at Work

7 Proven Ways to Earn Respect At Work

Success in your professional career demands a lot more than you just being competent and smart. To be able to seen as a valuable employee, you need to be...
First Impression at work

How to make a good impression at work

In this competitive world, we all are putting in that extra effort to achieve our dreams and goals and it is very much evident in today's corporate culture. Many...

5 Things You Must Do Before Making a Career Change

Your first job does not necessarily have to be your dream job. More often than not, people find themselves stuck in the wrong profession the first time around. What...