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year-drop after graduation in India

How to Get a Job after Graduation

Getting a job after graduation is a dream that everyone nurtures all through their lives. A better life after all the struggle in the mind, and there you are...
Life after college

Life after College — What to do after graduation ?

Once college is over, it’s a new life altogether. It is a life that beckons you to make something great with it. This life, after you complete the college...
Unpaid Internship youth

How Unpaid Internship Makes Youth Less Employable

Scores of students from the college plunge in the employment world every year. And, while they are still studying, most people prefer to have an industry experience along with....

7 Career options you can choose after graduating in Arts

In the Indian education system, the Humanities/Arts have started gaining momentum and popularity. Today’s world allows an Arts student to explore limitless possibilities, whether it be research, freelance work,...
College Degree

How to choose between apprenticeship and college degree?

It is rightly said that the best learning happens through experience. In-depth understanding of any task comes by doing it on your own and that is why, in many...
Corporate vs Startup

Corporate v/s Startup- Which Environment is Right for You?

As the world evolves, culture and trends too evolve. Even in the work culture, new waves are hitting in, like that of startups and independent businesses. We have had the...

5 Ways Your Mind May Be Sabotaging You at Work

Work is often a tricky business. You may be following every rule and every age-old guideline, and yet not be doing as well as you would like. Every organization/industry...
Learn foreign language

Why You should learn a foreign language ?

A child born in India, by default grows out to be a bilingual. As he learns his mother tongue, while in school, he learns English or Hindi – owing...



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