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A sequence of observations on financial- and macro-economics. Indianyouth.net covers News , Views about Indian Economy and research work in Economics with focus on India.


Why India’s Youth Must Rescue Farming

India is an ancient agricultural country. Today, over 58% of rural households depend upon agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. Agriculture, along with fisheries and forestry, contribute upto...

5 Ways to Reduce Corruption in India

“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption”  – Kurt Cobain Corruption is a word that is much in trend these days. Current situation due to demonetization of higher denomination currency...

Demonetisation : Is India Ready for a Cashless Economy ?

Remember the barter system? It must have seemed like a crazy idea when they shifted to the system of exchanging goods for round little metallic pieces called ‘coins’. Same...

Why are Entrepreneurs good for the Economy

An oft-repeated refrain from business leaders has been the emphasis on ‘fostering an entrepreneurial spirit’ amongst the youth of our country. It is even a common complaint that Indian...

India’s currency ban — Narendra Modi government’s all out war on black money

Well to be completely honest, I never really thought that I’d ever have an opportunity to use my favourite line from one of my  favourite all-time-classics: ‘A Tale of...
Skilled Youth

Only Skilled Youth can pull themselves out of poverty and help fuel the Economic...

India is a young nation; more than 54 % of the population is below 25 years of age. With time and energy on their side, the youth of India...

Does the Stock Market lead the Indian economy?

A question that many people have regarding the country’s economy is the impact of the Stock market on it. After all, the ‘economy’, commonly viewed through the prism of...
Career Choices after 12th grade in Indi

Careers that can be chosen after 12th grade in any stream

Yes, contrary to the popular belief, there are career options that one could choose regardless of their subjects in 12th grade. These subjects could be chosen by doing a...



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