Career options after 12th science with Biology

Medical is a stream that is considered to be the most challenging in today's world and that is why a lot of people shy away from choosing it as...
Physical Education

Importance of Physical education in colleges

I remember how my college had a strict outlook on attendance to physical education classes. Although I’ve always been quite inclined to sports yet I could not really buy...
School Prayer

Benefits of prayer in school

The entire human race may be oblivious to the exact commencement of prayer and whether or not we actually try to reach any spiritual force in that way, in...
How does studying abroad make you smarter?

Advantages of Studying Abroad

There are numerous advantages to studying abroad, irrespective of the country of choice. Be it America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or somewhere else in Europe, all...
Grants to fund your education abroad

Types of Grants to fund your education abroad

Education is an expensive proposition, all the more so if you happen to desire to study abroad. The average cost of attending a post-graduate program is US$ 30,000 per...
Diploma after 10th-class or Degree after 12th what is better ?

Diploma after 10th or Degree after 12th – What is Better?

(What is a better option, diploma after 10th and then a degree in engineering or a degree after completing 12th through entrance exam?) Ah, the golden question, the Ultimate Question...

Career choices after 12th for Non-Medical Students (PCM)

Non-medical is the most popular field to choose in the 12th grade and lands a person with a lot of brilliant options. After choosing Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as...
Arranging Funds for studying

How to arrange funds for studying abroad

Studying abroad has never been easy. Apart from qualifying for the stringent requirements of an overseas education and the cultural adjustment needed to live in a foreign country, students...