Feminism in India

Feminism, by its very definition, is about gender equality. It’s about emancipating women to acknowledge their equal status to their male counterparts. Like their counterparts in other nations, feminists...
Indian Armed forces Carere Option

Is Joining Armed Forces an Attractive Career Option?

Being part of the Indian Armed Forces is both a matter of honour and pride. Whether you choose to join the Army, the Navy or the Air Force, you...
First Job

6 lessons you will learn in your first full time job

Your first full time job not only marks the beginning of your career but also the beginning of a new life. This new life will be full of new...
How to deal with job insecurity

How to Deal With Job Insecurity

We are living in a world of cut-throat competition. The proverbial rat race is getting worse by the day. Professionally, you can never get too comfortable where you are....

Cars you Drive — ‘What She Thinks’ and ‘What He Thinks’

Once Upon A Time, accessories for men meant a simple wrist watch. That, of course, ain’t the case anymore! As times changed, the man was no longer made simply...

India has no other alternative than entrepreneurship

The topic, itself is a rhetoric! Every country needs entrepreneurship if it aspires for progress and prosperity. And so does India. Image source Let us take a quick look at the...
ife earning more than Husband

Wife earning more than husband

Even in today’s century, we live in a society where it is difficult for a man to accept that his wife can earn more than him. Not only does...

Mahindra XUV500 2015 facelift

Mahindra XUV5OO (Five Oh Oh) got extremely popular when it was initially launched in 2011, because of its cheetah inspiring looks and innovative design. It got so popular that...