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Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

A complete woman is definitely aware of fashion. But sometimes the women go haywire in thier fasion sense. So! A woman must know a few fashion fundas to become...
Pear shape

Fashion Tips according to the Body Types

We're all different. We're all unique in our own ways. So therefore, we all have a different way of carrying ourselves which makes us stand out in the crowd!...
Fashion Tips

Seven Ways to Give Your Wardrobe a New Attitude

Hello beautiful girlies! Summer's here and were looking for fresh new trending styles to keep up with the fashion world. Me being a student, I can't shop like a...
High Heels

How to Look Taller? 7 Fashion Tips for Short Girls

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some have pretty hair, some have a gorgeous smile, some are tall, some are short and the list can go on and...
youth Fashion

Brand Consciousness among Indian Teenagers

Brands are something that are often mistaken to define a person. A lot of older people would agree when I say that it isn’t what is on your head...

Is Youth Brand Conscious?

We are living in an age where brands define people and their status more than their thoughts and opinions. The world has reached a point where vanity has overshadowed...

How does the Youth Influence Fashion Trends?

The trend would be anything that the masses follow, which becomes the ‘in’ thing of that particular period, and what is easily the prevalent choice of the younger generation....



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