Income Tax

Why you Must pay income Tax on time

When Benjamin Franklin, one of the men who drafted the Constitution of the United States of America, had completed the task, he wrote to his friend, Jean-Baptiste Leroy in...
Banks in India

What should you look for when choosing a Bank?

Opening a bank account with a bank is really like starting a relationship – easy enough to get into, not always pleasant, and difficult to end. So it makes...

10 Hidden Housing Costs that homeowners don’t expect

Owning your own house is a wonderful feeling. To have a home you call your own, which you have paid for and where you expect to lay down the...
RERA - Real estate regulation Act

Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA)- How it will help the Home buyers?

For the uninitiated, RERA stands for Real Estate Regulation Act…the latest move by the Modi government that hopes to bring transparency and fair practices back to a sector that...
Are you putting short-term returns before long-term goals?

Are you putting short-term returns before long-term goals?

In the mid-90’s, Richard Williams was something of a joke in tennis circles. This was not because he had pulled his obviously-talented daughters, Venus and Serena, out of the...
Consumer India

7 tips to be a smarter consumer

In today’s world, we are all consumers. Consumers of goods, consumers of services, consumers of entertainment and consumers of news, and all of these, in some form or other...

How to save money on your wedding

As we are progressing as a nation, the custom of weddings happening in a traditional fashion is gradually fading away as youngsters these days don't want to stick to...
Save Money

7 Ways to save more and spend less on impulse purchases

The dictionary defines ‘Impulse’ as a sudden, strong and unreflective urge or desire to act. An impulse purchase, then, is a sudden and un-planned purchase, and like most things...



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