Consumer India

7 tips to be a smarter consumer

In today’s world, we are all consumers. Consumers of goods, consumers of services, consumers of entertainment and consumers of news, and all of these, in some form or other...

How to save money on your wedding

As we are progressing as a nation, the custom of weddings happening in a traditional fashion is gradually fading away as youngsters these days don't want to stick to...
Save Money

7 Ways to save more and spend less on impulse purchases

The dictionary defines ‘Impulse’ as a sudden, strong and unreflective urge or desire to act. An impulse purchase, then, is a sudden and un-planned purchase, and like most things...

How to Cash in your government savings instruments — PPF and KVP

A prudent investor always diversifies his portfolio into a variety of asset classes. And while equities and mutual funds are the most prominent and, one might even say, glamorous...

How Men and Women Think Differently about Money

When it comes to dealing with money, there ought to be no difference in how it works for men and for women. After all, money itself is gender-neutral. But...
Financial decisions

7 Financial Decisions You will regret later

Arthur Miller once said that “Maybe all one can do is hope we end up with the right regrets.” For make no mistake about it, end up with regrets...
Healthcare Costs

5 Ways to cut your Healthcare costs

Spending on healthcare is easily one of the biggest items on the monthly budget for everyone, especially as we grow older. Whether in the developed world or the developing...

7 Smart and Simple Money tips for new Grads

Graduating from college is a wonderful feeling. It is a young man or woman’s first foray into the ‘real world’, getting away from the rules and restrictions of campus...