How much rent can you afford on a Rs. 50,000/- salary?

Arranging for a place to stay is the hardest thing about embarking on a career. Safe in the comfort of homes or hostels, most of us never have to...
How high is a 'good' Credit Score?

How high is a ‘good’ Credit Score?

A ‘Credit Score’ refers to a rating given by an accredited agency to a person which reflects his or her capacity and likelihood of repaying a loan. Since it...
Financial PLanning Mistakes

10 Big Financial planning mistakes Indian Parents make

As parents, all of us want to provide the best possible financial future for our children. A lot of our financial planning is focused on leaving as much wealth...
Persocal Finance

The Ten Commandments of Personal Finance

The ‘Ten Commandments’, for those who do not know their Judeo-Christian mythology, were the laws to lead life by, handed down by God, who took the form of a...
Buying Home

Should you pay all cash while buying your next home?

Think about buying a home and the first thing that will cross your mind is getting a home loan. And for many of us in India, it is inevitable...
Gender Wage gap

Gender Wage gap issue in India

The European Commission outlines gender wage gap as the “average difference between men’s and women’s hourly earnings, generally suggesting that the wage gap is due to a variety of...
7th Pay Commission

Seventh Pay Commission – what you need to know

On June 28th, the Union Cabinet approved the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. The Pay Commission, whose duty is to revise the pay structure of Government employees and...
Money transfer banking

7 ways of making money transfers to suit your banking needs

We live in a world of technological innovation. From how we interact with our friends to how we find a doctor, from how we do our shopping to how...