Government of India's Ministers

Who are the Best performing ministers in the Narendra Modi government ?

Ever since the Modi government took oath in the centre, there have been a lot of ups and downs. Besides all these, the potential of the ministers has been...
Government Active on Social Media

Benefits of a government active on social Media

With a no doubt, the internet can be claimed to be the invention of the millennium. An idea which connected you with the world in just a click must...

What should the government of India do to Engage With The Youth ?

A United Nations report in 2014 has revealed, that India has a total population of 356 million in the age bracket of 10-24 years, which incidentally is the world’s...
Digital India

‘Digital India’ has the potential to make the Government more Transparent

We are living in the ‘Age of Aquarius’! It is the time that’s known as the Golden Age or the Age of Enlightenment. In other words, we are living...
Indian Citizen Government

Importance of Citizens’ Participation in Governance

I believe that a country’s future lies in its strength of ability to let the decision of its own economic, political and social precedence bloom with a direction from...

Why should we invest in Youth Policy ?

Anybody who has spent any time at all in school knows these facts: India is the second-most populous country in the world By 2025, it will be the most-populous country in...

India needs a better Youth Policy

The National Youth Policy of India set forth in 2014 by Jitendra Singh, the then Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports. It is aimed towards encouraging the...

Spirit of Volunteerism Among the Youth

A prime resource of any country is the power of its people and primarily the youth of the country. The human-capital is actually the working class which builds the...