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Beware of the PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)!

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome of PCOS is a hormonal disorder that leads to enlargement of the ovaries and formation of cysts on the outer edges. According to a latest study,...
youth mothers

6 Health Tips for Young Mothers

A woman post-delivery is like a water-sagged piece of clothing. She has mighty responsibility on herself but she is also helpless. She requires a lot of care from others....
How to stay Healthy at work

How to stay healthy when you’re busy

Health is the first thing that goes for a toss when a person starts getting busy. We often go about making our schedule a little more relaxing and trying...
How to stay Fit

How to stay Fit ?

The body is like a plant that needs to be nourished and you are the farmer. Just like a plant that needs the right nutrients, the right amount of...

The honey-heavy dew of Slumber

Shakespeare suggested: “Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of Slumber.” Do you want the Lady Slumber to drop her dew on you? Even if you do not, she insists you should...

Why are young Indians not prepared for medical emergencies?

It is drilled into our heads from fairly early on in life that youth is the time to be carefree. After all, the cares of adulthood will come later,...
How to have a healthy lifestyle

How to have a healthy lifestyle

It’s crazy how the world is getting fat and losing control over their diet! Obesity is the new disease we’re up against in this era! The worst part about...

Why is narcissism on the rise among the youth today?

Narcissism is a personality disorder in which a person thinks extremely highly of himself or herself and lacks the empathy of a normal human being. This person only thinks...