A beginner’s guide to investing in Debt Mutual Funds

We have spoken at length in these pages about the benefits of investing in Mutual funds, as well as about the different types of Funds available in the market....

Best Alternatives to Fixed Deposits

Indians love Fixed Deposits. The bulk of our savings lie in this form, i.e. long-term deposits placed with banks. The perception of safety that comes from having money lying...
mutual funds vs Fixed deposits in India

How Safe Are Debt Mutual Funds, compared to Fixed Deposits?

As recently as 2013, the interest rates on Bank FD’s were as high as 9% per annum for a 5-year term. Since then, as the fiscal deficit has reduced,...
Investment in Property

10 Tips for Investment in Property

Property, or real estate, is usually bought for the purpose of living in it (residential houses / flats), or using it to generate an income (agricultural or commercial plots...

Are you saving enough for retirement?

All good things come to an end, said Geoffrey Chaucer in his famous poem, ‘Troilus and Cressidae’, written in the fourtheenth century, and this little axiom holds as true...
Invest Money

5 Ways to invest money for long-term returns

The eternal question for anyone with a little (or a lot) of surplus money is ‘How do I invest this?”. The last few years have proven to be quite...
Buy Property

A Handy Guide for you(th) to buy your own property?

Owning your own house is the dream of many a young man or woman in our country. Vividly depicted in the cult classic Gharonda, starring Amol Palekar, the struggle...
Investment plans for your children

Best Investment Plans for your children

Providing for their children is the primary responsibilities of parents. From this perspective, it is essential that we know how best we can ensure that, at least financially, our...



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