Youth Media Portrayal

Media Portrayal of Youth

Ah, Media, perhaps the most powerful yet divisive force in the world, one capable of shaping public opinion either by showcasing the truth, or by tweaking and twisting it...
Journalism in India

The Lost Spirit of Journalism

I am a student of Mass Communication background. My hold on the subject always reflected my dearness towards the same since day 1. My special affinity for Journalism had...
deepika cleavage Issue

Objectification of women in the media

This article comes on the heels of a recent gaffe by the Times of India newspaper, India’s most read national newspaper. Visiting state guests are the Duke and Duchess...
Brealing News India

‘Breaking News’ in India – just for the TRPs?

The origin of the term ‘Breaking News’ dates back to the time when there were only a few channels, even in the developed countries, and the same channels carried...

Yellow Journalism: The Dark Side of Media

One of the dark faces of the Indian media houses, yellow journalism is posing a threat to the integrity of the country. It is not for the first time...

Influence of Media on Youth

We’re living in the age where media affects our lives more than anything else. Also, there is this constant need of being in touch with everything that is happening...

The Unending Saga of Sensational Journalism

Gone are the days when one started the day with the crinkling of a fresh newspaper. The electronic media is in full bloom. From ‘The Morning Coffee’ to ‘The...



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