How To Talk To your daughter About Sex Without Feeling Ashamed Or Embarrassed

In South India, in some communities, there is a ceremony called “Ritu Kala Samskara” which is celebrated when young girls attain their puberty at the onset of menstruation. Celebrated...
Working Parents on Child Development

Effects of working parents on child development

During the Paleolithic period (before 10,000 B.C.E) the earliest of humankind lived a nomadic way of life. Men were hunters. They left their families to hunt and bring back...
Body Shaming Children

How to Avoid Body shaming your Children

Body Shaming: (noun) the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size. We all are well aware of the power...

Indian Parents should Learn How to Communicate Effectively with their Teen

Remember the confused and gloomy Aamir Khan from “Hum hai rahi pyar ke” when he slaps his nephew in a fit of rage. He feels a lot of care...
Indian Parents

Mistakes Indian Parents Should Avoid When Raising Teen boys

If you thought that taking care of a newborn is the most difficult phase in the parenting journey, talk to the parents of some of the teens around. All...
Mother Son Teaching

7 important things to teach your teenage son

When a teenage boy imbibes the correct teaching and guidance at an early age, many societal problems can be resolved. Parenting plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious...
parents should learn to say sorry to their child

6 reasons why parents should ( Learn ) to say sorry to their child

The first (and the hardest) rule to parenting is to give equal importance to your child’s emotions, just as much as you’d give to your spouse’s or friends’ emotions....
tips for parents teens

5 Tips for Parents to teach Teens to take their academic responsibility

In India, a lot of importance is placed on family bonding, be it a relation with your siblings, parents, cousins or in-laws. We can spot a lot of things...