Mother Son Teaching

How parents Can help children make the right career choices

Having grown up in a family of doctors and engineers my obvious and perhaps only career choice was to add on to the family tradition, becoming a doctor that...
Parent-Teacher Meeting

What should parents ask at Parent-Teacher Meeting

How is she doing in school, is perhaps the most popular question every parent asks at a school parent-teacher meeting or Parent-Teacher Association ( PTA) . The response from...

Raising Responsible Children

During my college years, liberation meant- when my parents would leave me alone in the house for five whole days every year to take their Pandharpur Yatra. I think...
Good Parenting

What is good Parenting ?

Parenting today has changed drastically from what it used to be over a few decades ago. The rapid advent of social media, nuclear families and a radical change in...

Why Do Kids Steal? – how to put an end to stealing?

Saw your child stealing and hiding- you are raged and flabbergasted, isn’t it? What if you are told that this is common. Well, kids do steal, and that no...

How to Talk to Your Kids about Violence and Terrorism

Words like ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Violence’ send chills in our spines. As adults, we all feel the fright and pain associated with it. While adults understand what is happening and...

Guidance vs Punishment: What Works Best?

To use positive reinforcement and guidance to help your child or to use punishment, a hard hand and negative reinforcement, or even a combination of both, that is the...
Power of positive mom

Power of Positive Mom in a child’s life

Mother- it is said that this is probably one of the most pious words any human being can think off. Relationship between a child and a mother is unique...



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