Parenting Mistakes

Responsible Parents : Avoid these 5 Parenting Mistakes

It seems as if your stomach has been punched; your mind is in a confused questionable state; your heart beats faster and lo! you were inconsiderate with your child. You...
Father Daughter Marriage

Responsibilities of a girl’s parents after her marriage

It is true that a girl brought up in Indian society moves out of her parents’ home after marriage; however, it is not necessary that they move out of...
Comparing Children

5 Reasons Why Comparison is Not Good For Your Child

Can you compare a fish with a dinosaur or a tailor with a ballet dancer?  According to Albert Einstein: Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by...

How to Develop a Positive Attitude in Your Child

Most of the parents today are keen to see their children doing well in academics and careers. Quite a few of them encourage, and at times, enforce participation in...

How Grandparents play a key role in Lives of children

"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children." – Alex Haley. Grandparents play a key role in the...

The Difference between Bribing and Rewarding your Child

Parenting is a tricky business. There are no set rules, no crash courses, and no ideal way to go about it. So when it comes down to raising your...
Body Image

7 Ways to Make Your Child Develop a Positive Body Image

You have your body but you are not your body; you are much more. You are made up of sunshine, moonlight and starlight. The growing child will forget this....

Can there be a Rule Book to parenting?

Parenting is hard. Bringing up children is the most important responsibility of a parent, and doing so only gets harder with each passing year. As we progress into a...