Mother Son Teaching

7 important things to teach your teenage son

When a teenage boy imbibes the correct teaching and guidance at an early age, many societal problems can be resolved. Parenting plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious...
parents should learn to say sorry to their child

6 reasons why parents should ( Learn ) to say sorry to their child

The first (and the hardest) rule to parenting is to give equal importance to your child’s emotions, just as much as you’d give to your spouse’s or friends’ emotions....
tips for parents teens

5 Tips for Parents to teach Teens to take their academic responsibility

In India, a lot of importance is placed on family bonding, be it a relation with your siblings, parents, cousins or in-laws. We can spot a lot of things...
Kid Goes to college parents

7 things to do before your kid goes to College

The word ‘college’ usually invokes visuals of fancy buildings with cool professors in the classrooms and corridors, and chilling out with fellow students who hangout in the Canteen in...
santa claus Kid

Why you shoudn’t lie to your Kid about Santa Claus

Christmas time is joyful. There’s magic in the air, with feasts and festivities all around. It is also the time when children all over the world receive something that...
Talking to your child

Why Parents Need to Talk With Their Kids About Sex and Sexuality

Being a parent is not an easy job. Being responsible for another human being’s quality of life and their welfare is a huge responsibility. While your child’s health and...
Mother and Daughter

How Parents Can Help Teenagers Resist Peer Pressure

Dealing with Peer Pressure plays a huge role in the moulding of your child’s personality. It also provides a chance for you to create a stronger bond with your...

How To Deal With Your Daughter Wanting To Move Out

 “When I was your age, I was married and had a kid!” A staple dialogue for all mothers with a 20-something year old daughter. But unfortunately, that’s something your daughter...