How a Political Party Used Education to Brainwash Students

There is a pretty (in)famous adage: “History is written by the victors.” Given its prevalence and its relevance, it is obvious that the Indian history and the Indian narrative...

RaGa-0 ; NaMo – 1

‘Zero’, ‘Fictitious’ and ‘Not Authentic’ were the terms that the Hon’ble Supreme Court chose to describe the documents seized by the Income Tax department, which had not only formed...

Election Commission Wants Political Parties To Ban Anonymous Donations

Once Upon A Time…there was a man who — with a single-minded pursuit — cleaned up the elections in India. The man was T. N. Seshan - India’s 10th...
merit versus seniority India

Merit > Seniority : What’s the Problem

When the architects of the Indian Constitution were busy framing the constitution, they were continuously plagued by the issue of “checks-and-balances”…for you see, a democracy exists on four pillars....

Why are Liberals So Anti-Modi?

Well…let’s admit it…there are liberals and then there are liberals! While the word usually denotes a single meaning - that is, “a person who is willing to respect and/or...
Citizenship Bill

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill – Guaranteeing a “Secular” Future!

Before we take up the issue of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, let us first take a moment to put the topic in context. And the most pertinent question to...

Should India continue dialogue with Pakistan despite terrorist attacks ?

Political stability at home is the bulwark of a consistent and pragmatic foreign policy of a nation. Now that India has a single party majority government with a strong...
Narendra Modi and Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not Narendra Modi

If there were two men, who would be called the face of  Current Affairs and/or World News…then it would have to be: the President-elect of the United States of...