Hardik Patel, Rahul Gandhi, Reservation and Vote Bank Politics

With the Election Commission gearing up to announce the Gujarat assembly election dates, things are getting really interesting in Gujarat. Even amidst news of Vijay Rupani government doling out...

Why Aren’t We Secular Enough?

One of the things that we, as a nation, pride ourselves is our religious diversity and the fact that we are secular country, which means that all religions —...

How Can A Democracy Be A Theocracy

India is a strange land…with many paradoxes and contradictions. In fact, if you were to take a look at our Constitution itself, you would notice many such strange contrarian...

Why India Musn’t Give Citizenship to Rohingyas?

“Who are the Rohingyas”? I believe who they are and what they’re facing in Myanmar must precede the discussion as to why they mustn’t be given citizenship in a...
Vote India Vote

How can the youth of India be encouraged to vote ?

The 2014 elections was a prime example of how when the youth of India rise to voting, they can be game changers in our democracy. India has the largest youth...

Performance Over Politics: The Dawn of a New Era

Indian politics is notoriously nefarious when it comes to nepotism, which in local parlance means bestowing or showing preferential treatment or favouritism shown to one’s family and/or friends. In...
unite india

Bharat Jodo : The Unite India Movement

After 75 years of the Quit India Movement, which was kick-started by the Mahatma on August 8, 1942 to oust the British rulers from the Indian soil, it’s now...

Bihar : A Game of Thrones

The Chinese have a popular saying - ‘May you live in interesting times.’ Truth be told, the events that started unfolding post 6 p.m. On July 27th in Bihar...



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