marital status

Why you should not discuss marital issues with friends

When two people are obliged to live together for their entire lives, the one thing that is absolutely inevitable to surface are the differences between them. The family background...

How to make time for Grandparents and why is it So important ?

For most of us, our grandparents are our sweetest blessing. In the midst of listening to grandma’s folktales or fairy tales and long walks with Grandpa, our childhood becomes...

5 Questions to ask Before marriage

In India, marriage is not just another ceremony where 200-300 people gather to congratulate the bride and the groom, enjoy the feast and go back to their homes. It...
Questions to ask before marriage

5 questions to ask before marriage

Marriage is a wonderful emotion and each one of us gets the privilege to enjoy this chapter in our lives. Nobody states however it is factual that everyone desires...

How to Break off a Relationship with a Married Person

They say ‘Love is blind’. They speak truly. After all, what other emotion can make a person perform the deeds that love can? It can give a mother supernatural...
Abusive Marriage

Is Divorce A Solution To A Violent Or Abusive Marriage?

You come home everyday to a shouting husband or a nagging wife. They sometimes hit you and they sometimes make you feel like there’s no purpose to life. The...
why do people cheat

Why Do People Cheat in Realtionships?

Screw You for cheating on me. Screw you for reducing it to the word cheating. As if this were a card game, and you sneaked a look at my...
How to recover yourself after being cheated on in a relationship

How to recover yourself after being cheated on in a relationship

It isn’t easy; having your faith shattered by someone you held so close to your heart. Getting to know that you have been cheated on, whether physically or emotionally,...