Love and Friendship

7 Differences Between Love and Friendship

Love is universal; love is timeless; love is infinite. Both Lady Love and Lady Friendship have love in common.  However, the nature of the two is different in many...

Is the other person what you think her to be? Disrupting Stereotypes

According to Cambridge Dictionary, stereotype is  a set idea that people have about what someone or something is like, especially an idea that is wrong. Fat people are lazy; brown-eyed people are clever; rich people are mean; dogs...
Learning to move on

Learning to move on

All you can see is a wall blocking your way. But we can do something about this wall: break it down, push it away, jump over it or get...
Possesive Friend Relationships

How to deal with a Possessive Friend

You come across thousands of people in your lifetime and stepping up on the thread that distinct one from being a stranger to an acquaintance, a beautiful bonding called...

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

"Lucky are the ones who can hold their beloved whenever they want to!" The title and the opening quote definitely create a sense of contradiction in your mind about the...

Teenage and Dating Issues

Dating as a teenager could turn out to be a little complicated with the arousal of following impediments which must be kept in mind on and off. Image source Rejection While it...
Marriage India

5 Reasons why Arranged Marriage is a better idea

In a cultural country like India, one can never be sure as to what is better – a love marriage or an arranged. There are people who would cross...

Why Does the Youth Look for Love Online?

Dating apps have become a rage worldwide and they are catching up just as fast in India. Since the advent of the internet, people have connected, built friendships, started...