Social Media Stalking | Cyberstalking

Social media plays a significant role in our lives, especially in today’s scenario, but it can sometimes really get on our nerves. In the wake of unfortunate times and...
Social Networking Sites

Positive impact of social networking sites on the youth

A lot has been discussed about the impact of social networking sites on the youth, which has mostly been a mixed observation. While a part of it may hold...
Social Media Trolls

Why are we Trolls on the Internet/Social Media?

Which is the biggest empire in the world right now? The United States of America? Nay. Russia with all of its military strength and invasive stratagem? Nay. Then which one?...

Social Media Activism in India

There is no doubt that since it burst on the scene, Social Media has taken the world by storm, changing the very nature of communication, heralding in a hitherto...

What makes WhatsApp and Facebook rule over young Indians ?

We are firmly in the grasp of the technological revolution, and ideas which would have been thought of as fantasy merely a few decades ago are now reality, and...
What teenagers must know about social media

What teenagers must know about social media?

Social networking is all about connecting with the world at large with the use of internet. Today’s young generation is adeptly aware of how communication can not only build...

How safe are matchmaking portals?

The wedding business has taken India by the storm and so have the matchmaking portals. Bringing convenience of every sort to your doorstep, the internet has taken the job...

Young people and social media

Primarily, social networking was created for people who seldom talk to each other, to be in touch all year long. It was created to bring the people closer regardless...