4 Ways Young Indians can help the Government to Solve India’s Social Problems

When India became a nation on August 15, 1947, it was land rife with social problems. Poverty, caste-ism, gender discrimination and many other problems had been bequeathed to India’s...
498a law

The draconian law 498a

It is termed draconian law and it is also termed as legal terrorism by honorable supreme court of India . This law has given a lot of bad name...
Youth help Promote Cleanliness

How Can Youth Help The Government In Promoting Cleanliness

Be it promoting peace or creating awareness about social issues, the youth of today has always played an active role. They are the ones full of energy and enthusiasm;...

Why is menstruation still considered a taboo in India

Living in 21st century hasn’t withered away the primitive myths pertaining to menstruation.  Reports suggest that about 75% of Indian women are still hesitant in buying sanitary pads and...
banned in INDIA

Bad Practices Must Be Banned…No Matter What the Religion

Much has happened since news started coming out about the tunnel that linked the Dera Nivas (Ram Rahim’s quarters) to Sadhvi Nivas (Sadhvi’s hostel)…with the Akhil Bharatiya Amhara Parishad...
The Indian Legal System & Personal Laws

The Indian Legal System & Personal Laws

When it comes to the world, there are basically four kinds of legal system that exist: civil law, common law, statutory law, and religious law. For the uninitiated, (a)...
Pride and Patrioyism in India Flag

Sense of Pride and Patriotism amongst the youth in India

‘Our country is marred by corruption’ 'The system is too weak to get rid of corruption and malpractices’ 'Country’s education system is very incapable and this place holds no future for...
banned in INDIA

Whose Divorce Is It Anyway?

Of course, when it comes to the demand for Uniform Civil Code, we are simply demanding that all bad and discriminatory social practices (across religions) must be scrapped…irrespective of...



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