Why do young Indian couples opt for a nuclear family?

The Indian society has been evolving at a swift pace post the nation’s Independence. Joint families have given way to nuclear ones, females are more emancipated now, and our...
Youth Awaaz

India ki Awaaz: How the Youth Can Make Us A Corruption-Free Nation

With the recent government act of demonetization, news has been spreading that the terror camps which work against our nation and people have been greatly affected and are suffering....
Today's youth

Today’s youth, tomorrow’s future

We often find ourselves criticizing the present generation more than embracing their spirits. Youth is an unpredictable age, often exhibiting impulsiveness and whimsicality but let’s not scrooge where the...
Yout Daughter

Don’t let someone’s wife be the only identity for your daughter

We live in a world where women are running offices, industries, and even countries; a world where women are flying into Space, where women are becoming Presidents of their...
Youth Society

Youth is the Backbone of Society

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. Thus said one of America’s greatest leaders, and...

Ridiculous misconceptions about sex education in India

When I was in school – and that was a long, long time ago – we had about a month of sex-education classes around the time we were in...
speaking english language

Why do people in India judge you on the basis of your English?

In Chetan Bhagat’s last novel, Half-Girlfriend, he tried to address the divide that is present between those who speak English well and those who cannot by relating the love...
working women

Who Leads a Better Life? Working women or Housewives?

In the olden days, women hardly went out of their houses to work. The modern age has made it a necessity for the lady of the house to be...