Youth Voices

Importance Of Giving Youth An Authentic Voice

Before we even begin, let’s get our definitions straight. Who is the youth? Is it the group of people standing outside pelting stones? Is it the group of people...
Corporal punishment in Indian schools

Should Corporal Punishment Be Allowed In Schools?

Paulo Pinheiro, 2007, UN General Assembly envisioned a world without corporal punishment when he said, “Children are sick of being called ‘the future’. They want to enjoy their childhoods,...
better world

Leave a Better Generation for a Better World

“To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier...
National Anthem India

Mandated Patriotism. Is it effective?

With the recent discussions about playing the National Anthem mandatorily in Cinema Halls, a simple question arises, ‘Can listening to and singing along the National Anthem increase patriotism?’ There...
Population in India

Rising Population of India and Its Effects

It is no secret that India’s population has been growing significantly since time immemorial. From over 553 million, in 1970, it has reached an increasing total of over 1...

Why do young Indian couples opt for a nuclear family?

The Indian society has been evolving at a swift pace post the nation’s Independence. Joint families have given way to nuclear ones, females are more emancipated now, and our...
Youth Awaaz

India ki Awaaz: How the Youth Can Make Us A Corruption-Free Nation

With the recent government act of demonetization, news has been spreading that the terror camps which work against our nation and people have been greatly affected and are suffering....
Today's youth

Today’s youth, tomorrow’s future

We often find ourselves criticizing the present generation more than embracing their spirits. Youth is an unpredictable age, often exhibiting impulsiveness and whimsicality but let’s not scrooge where the...