Industry Expectations from STUDENTS in India

A Typical Broke College Kid

Over the years, a lot of issues have attached themselves to college students. One of these major problems is always running short on money and it is one that...
Examination system in India

How to Ace the Semester

As this semester comes to an end, some of you might be a little disappointed with how it has turned out. The six months always pass too quickly, end...

When shifting to a New Flat

You’ve made it through the first year of college and all the troubles that come along with it: the exams, fitting in, struggling with professors, all of it. And...

A Huge Mess

Think about the thousands of students living in student hostels. These could be college hostels, private hostels or even PG accommodation. What could be some of the primary problems...
College Dropout Students

Bullying In Indian Universities

Bullying as an issue is something that we’ve been disconnected from, for a long while. As far as college bullying goes, it has majorly become something that we’d see...
School Uniform

5 Reasons Why schools want all students to look the same ?

Normal school uniform on all days, and a white dress on Saturdays or during house/school club meets. Shirt, pants/skirts, tie, socks, belt and school shoes are a part of...
The youth

Importance of Extra curricular activities for the youth

Education is a process of enlightenment of an individual; enlightenment of not just the mind but also of the body. A very broad term, education can hardly be bracketed...

How to Succeed as an Interior Designing Student

Interior Designing is a fast-growing field in India. The country offers multiple graduate/ diploma/ graduate-diploma courses in interior designing. If you are a student, here are ways you could...



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