Empowering women through the Internet in India

In this age of Information Technology, the importance of the Internet as a source of knowledge cannot be emphasized enough. Especially, at a time when the new government under...
India Internet

Internet in India – Free of charge or free of control?

India loves a good debate. Towards the end of 2015, this debate centred around Facebook’s “Free Basics”, a facility through which a limited offering of the Social Network, as...

6 ways your smartphone can save you money

Of course you have a smartphone. The odds are, you are reading this article on a smartphone. You have, in the last half-an-hour, used your smartphone to check the...

Best Tech gifts for Mom

God can not be around always, so he created the mother Have you ever thought about this? God kept himself away from the responsibilities by passing them all to the...

Best Tech Gifts for Dad

The technical evolution has been successful in registering a personal space in human life. We are at a point where it is perverse to imagine our lives without the...

Best Tech Gifts for Brother

Your brother is one of your partners in crime! Everything is incomparable to the happiness of your brother. To put on a broad smile on the face of your...

Internet is a Powerful Resource for the Youth if Used Wisely

The above is a joke which has been doing the rounds of the Internet for quite some time in recent years, and is a tongue in cheek jab at...
Teenagers on the phone

Gadget Addiction Problems in Teens

Science has served the mankind with the innovative and technological contraptions the gadgets these days are a part of everyone’s life. From cell phones to television sets, from multimedia...