How to make good career Choices

Tips for Teens: How to Make Good Career Choices

Ah, Teenage. The most promising period of life, when your dreams soar high, untainted by the touch of reality, when you truly believe that the world is oyster, and...
Letter Writing

A letter that the Future writes for us

Dear younger me, I  gladly reminiscent  the day you fought with your parents to pursue further education to prove yourself and to enrich your mind. I remember how infuriated you...
How to build Better Good Habits

How to build better habits

“We are what we repeatedly do” The wise words from Aristotle echo the somberness of a truth which keeps its universal nature unharmed yet somehow fails to imbed in our...
How should teens deal with divorced parents

How should teens deal with divorced parents?

A separation is never meant to send out healthy signs to a family structure, whatever the situation may be. With the growing trend of divorces happening around, the parties...
Helping Teens

Helping teens to manage their time better

Procrastination is one thing that is common in all the teens across the globe. No matter how important or trivial a task may be, the first reaction of a...
How to Impress a Girl

How to Impress a Girl

Well if we are talking about impressing a woman then let me say that points to do that remain same in everybody’s case, irrespective of gender. The real difference...
Boy and Girl

5 Things to do before you turn 21

21 is a good number, a good age. It is the time when you are in the final year of college, or just graduating from your Bachelors. A time...

Teenage is the Most Interesting but Challenging Phase of Life

The ages of 12 to18 are quite awkward for children, when they are caught transitioning between childhood and adulthood. It is an ‘almost’ phase, where these teenagers are almost-but-not-quite...