Pressurizing Kids for Marks

What kids should do if parents are pressurizing for perfect grades?

Most often it is seen that parents are told what they must or must not do while bringing up their kids. And, in that pressurizing children for perfect grades...
Mother Daughter

How a Mother Influences a Daughter’s Body Image

A mother’s love is like no other. Her aura itself is enough to give you your share of warm fuzz. A mother’s role in her child’s life is irreplaceable...
Parents are your best friends

Parents are your best friends!

The statement “Parents are your best friends” will invoke two responses. First would be “No”, by the younger age group, those who are probably teenagers. While “Yes” would be...

How to survive first year in a hostel, living away from home

Either a girl or a boy, either after 12th standard or after graduation, even if it is for a one year diploma or for a new job which might...

How to rock the next three years in college

We really do all sorts of homework before we’re ready to accommodate ourselves to a totally new environment. The investigation is as vigorous as our energy to look forward...
Teenage Girl

6 ways to help a teenage girl deal with insecurities

It is seldom to find a teenage girl who is not struggling with insecurities. Being a teenage is actually a task in itself. A plethora of thoughts keep haunting...

What Does Negative Criticism Do to a Teen?

“I think the hardest part about being a teenager is dealing with other teenagers - the criticism and the ridicule, the gossip and rumours.” - Beverley Mitchell Criticism has become the...
What would You do differently this valentine's day?

How to celebrate this Valentine’s Day differently

The Valentine’s season is here and millions of people across the world are celebrating love with full fervour. Couples across the world wait for the month of February to...



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