Causes of Fatigue in Young Women

Fatigue is a state of health where you feel exhausted and tired and it becomes difficult to perform under such circumstances. The women nowadays are complaining about fatigue a lot, the reasons can vary from something as simple as lack of proper food to something as complex as undiagnosed heart problems.

Fatigue in young Women and Girls India

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The lifestyle today is the basic reason behind fatigue being one of the major complaints in women between the age of 20-50. Lets look at the causes in detail –

What you eat or rather don’t eat

The younger generation has a tendency of surviving on the not so healthy diet, which affects their stamina in the long run. Due to the bad diet your body starts lacking various important nutrients like iron, potassium and protein. Supplements can be taken to make sure the level of these important nutrients is right. Other than that, caffeine and sugar may seem to be the best things in the world, right now, but the adverse effects that they are having on your health will come to forth only a little later. You can exchange these things for fruits and proteins in your diet which will help you in staying lively throughout the day.

Your sleeping habits

Hectic lifestyle, too much running around and stress leads to lack of peaceful sleep. This only gives way to more tiredness or fatigue because the body never gets time to rest or recuperate. In such cases, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided around bedtime and one should do whatever it takes to put them at ease- read, play music, get into that comfort zone and avoid anxiety however you can.

Do you exercise?

People often think that exercise will only make them more tired, but that is not correct. Exercising regularly produces more energy in your body and helps you fight fatigue successfully. You can see the change yourself by trying it out for a month. Exercise improves your way of living by helping you get rid of the excess fat, which makes you sloppy and tired. Overweight, which is another reason for fatigue can be fought with proper and regular exercise. By working out for a couple of hours before sleeping, you can keep enough time to sleep peacefully, thus improving your body clock.

Vitamin D deficiency

Sunlight is the major source of Vitamin D for humans and avoiding sun has led to deficiency of the same in so many people that it is almost as good as an epidemic. Other than the sunlight, the deficiency can arise if a person follows a strict vegetarian regime or has allergy to milk and milk products. To fight the deficiency, you first need to take a test to understand the gravity of the situation, and then you can take supplements accordingly which are easily available in the market.

Anemia(Iron deficiency)

This can be quite common in women because a lot of women lose Iron during their periods. When the blood is unable to carry proper oxygen to the rest of the body, the body starts feeling lethargic. This is not really a disease and can be easily done away with by taking a Vitamin B and Iron supplement.

Heart disease

Contrary to popular belief that cancer is more commonly found in women than heart diseases, it has been seen that heart diseases are a serious threat to women. It is more dangerous than any kind of cancer and thus, should be checked in due time and worked upon. When your heart is unable to pump blood properly, then the rest of the body doesn’t get oxygen and is obviously unable to work properly. And, fatigue is one of the most common complaints of the women who are suffering from a heart disease. So, get an ECG done and keep a check on your blood pressure.


  1. One of the toughest jobs in the world is to be a woman. This calls for various issues like fatigue in women. However, nowadays, this is more commonly observed in young women. The question is, what causes this? We need to find the reasons for same in our own lifestyle! The way we eat, what we eat, work hours, posture, exercise routine and many more. Apart from this, things like sleeping habits and the fast food consumption also makes a huge difference.


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