Causes of Social Problems Among Youth

Today, stress related problems such as dementia, psychosis and depression have become a common occurrence. It comes as an utter surprise when the world is connected in so many ways that people are still lonely and isolated. The number of lonely people is only increasing. Sometimes, their loneliness leads them to give in to desperate measures.

Phones and the internet has taken the place of physical presence of a person. People, therefore, need not meet and spend their valuable time together. Some people  even develop social anxiety. Their lives are as inert as they appear active on social media platforms.

Families have disintegrated: in interpersonal relationships, people have started to forget the ‘us’. Even in marriages, the ‘we’ is getting replaced by ‘I’. Why are there such a plethora of social problems that the youth are facing? Read on to find out.

  1. Comparisons: Admit it or not, a huge portion of the lives of the youth these days is spent in comparing their lives with the other person.” What is this person doing?; “”Where am I? “No person’s life is the same or will be the same. In fact, no two people are in the same situation. Comparisons lead to unhappiness and distress. Worst of all, they cause you to become dissatisfied with your life. Look at the bright side of your life!
  2. Excessive use of Phones: Even when two friends meet, they are more engrossed in their phones. In colleges, where students are allowed to use their phones, they use them lavishly even during the classes! Pictures have become more important than spending time with the people you are meeting. How do you think this will be helpful?
  3. Dissatisfied Personal Lives: In the backdrop of disintegrating family system and lesser and lesser connection with friends, this becomes the outcome. People are lonely and unhappy with their personal lives. Some of them do not even have a personal life! It has become a topic of considerable laughter for many young people. Research has shown that people lead a more fulfilling life if they have a satisfactory personal life.
  4. Over-ambition: Women want to prove themselves and become independent; men had to always prove themselves. There is nothing unacceptable about this! What is unacceptable is going to the extremes of the ladder of ambition. Some people live in their bubbles of ambition only. Every waking hour is spent in thinking about their dream. Can you think of anything more inappropriate? A healthy ambition would not discount the importance of other aspects of your lives. Other aspects such as health and personal lives.
  5. Improper Eating Habits: Dependence on caffeine and liquor to wipe away the sins has become a commonplace (not literally!) First of all, there is an irregularity of meals. In the face of misplaced priorities in life, food has become less important! Always remember: “You are what you eat.” Your food becomes a part of you. Therefore, eat healthy food and eat small meals regularly for a healthy body and a good digestion. A fat or an extremely thin body causes a lowering of self-confidence. Sometimes, people start avoiding society completely.

What are the other causes of social problems that you can think of? Please comment below!


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