Challenges of youth today

Modern day youth of India lives in the most interesting phase of the history. As the Indian economy went globalized and the internet is already an integral part of our lives, we have fairer chances of making it big than any of the previous generations.

The youth is considered to be the best asset of any country and investment in the human resource promises flabbergasting returns. However, if we are to develop the citizens for a better nation tomorrow, we are supposed to not only develop their talent but also recognize and counter the challenges Indian youth is facing in present day.


Let us know have a look at these challenges that are faced by the young brigade of mother India:

Peer pressure

Blame it on the way Indian societies are crafted or any other possible factor, peer pressure is one of the biggest challenges faced by youngsters. The generation gap has widened to an extent that the views of the people of two generations repel each other.

The varying interest of the young adults and high expectations of the parents and relatives mar the spirit of growth as a whole. This acts as a check on the enthusiasm of young mind leading to waste of the time and resource.

The elders need to understand that a little space and trust shown in them will open the doors of the opportunities for the youngsters. At the same time, children need to understand that parents care. There is no harm in learning from their experiences and the wisdom.

Drugs and alcohol

The drugs and the alcohol are other challenges that are faced by the young Indians. Failure, success or broken, drugs are taken as an easy escape from the life and the struggles related to it.

Be it in the name of the success party or to overcome the failure, drugs are seen as a mandatory component of any party. Failing in a relationship or the end semester success parties, getting placed in the dream company or missing the entrance by a whisker; sadly, all the answers are searched in the lap of alcohol and weed.

Youngsters need to understand that life is not always a rollercoaster ride. If we plot a graph of same; it is a setup of highs and lows with steep curves. This does not mean that the body has to be handed over to be ruined by unrequired products. In the name of the country and their body, we need to overcome this challenge!

Cost of education

Young brigade aims to conquer the world and make India a superpower. The only way to make it happen is the education. If we look at the institutes today, privatization has increased the effective cost of education. Costly higher education in the private institutes and lack of basic amenities in the government or the government aided educational groups has proven to be a big headache for our young people.

The government need to raise the standard of the education and the provide all the resources for the basic learning. Apart from this, a check must be kept on the private educational institutions in the financial terms.

The positive changes to the political crisis and the economic depression is that we have got the right people in the power now. The situations are ought to improve! We are just required to give a little time to let our government deliver the results of the steps that have been taken.


  1. Today’s youth is going to be the tomorrow’s future and has got a lot to be bored on their strong shoulders. However, the road to success is never that easy and the challenges are ought to surround the travellers. Indian youngsters are no different from this general psychology. One a hand, they have the peer pressure to combat and on the other, drugs are ready to welcome them. The education, lack of jobs and the indigenous issues are further a trouble!


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