Changing India – Five things that need to change NOW!

India is a land of cultural and ethnic diversities; spread over the expanse of a never ending series of customs and culture. But, just like every other great nation in making, India has its set of problems too. For a country that took the world to Mars and which proudly gives itself the tag of the largest democracy in the world, these issues undoubtedly are tarnishing to the reputation; not to mention the havoc they’re set to break down when things get worse.

Change India

Today, we bring to you a list of 5 things that need to change NOW; if we want to live in a better India in future :-

 The craze for an Engineering Degree

Or, for that matter anything and everything ‘Conventional and Safe’. All parents in modern India want for their children is to have a large four wheeler, a six digit salary and an office cubicle with air conditioner at rescue! For a nation with the largest youth power, this needs to change at earliest. Career choices should be more liberal, and parents should learn to support the children.

The never ending queues

It is 2015. Actually, it is almost 2016. With internet on every man’s fingertips; there is no reason why we should be wasting times in those never ending queues. It is high time that everything goes digital; and with plans from the government hopes are high that we’ll be soon done away with this menace.

The Bans & Fatwas

“There is difference between being progressive and being vulgar,” is something my favorite teacher used to say back in school. But, what we are facing today is downright unreasonable. What one eats , Wears or watches should remain one’s personal choice and shouldn’t be restricted until it is harming a second person. We live in a country with diversities, and if we have had centuries of co-existence with these customs around, why change or restrict them now?

The lack of schools

It is something that needs to be changed at the earliest, to our best benefits. To be honest, we cannot progress until the kids get basic primary education. And the objective isn’t just to build schools- providing QUALITY EDUCATION should be a target. It is something that should be worrying all of us, but still remains unmentioned.

The roads

Pothole. Road. Pothole. A bumper. And yet another pothole!

The story of Indian roads is a pathetic tale; and most of us are tired complaining about them. With six lane highways connecting the metros and everything looking so promising; a trip down the lesser talked of roads in the suburbs or the smaller towns is enough to remind you that little has changed over time. It is high time to do away with bad roads too.

No country is perfect and as citizens, we need to figure out what is wrong and get it corrected. There are a lot of challenges that India needs to face and conquer; and as we step into the second half of this decade, things need to be addressed and problems need to be sorted out. It is high time India gets on its feet, and as individuals, it is our duty to do whatever we can to help India get to the number one place on the world stage.


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