Why should you choose Australia for higher education?

Bondi beaches, amazing weather, people with great beach bodies, good food and a scintillating natural landscape makes Australia one of the best travel destinations today – but wait, we are supposed to be talking about the reasons why it makes for a great destination to study abroad as well, and not just write a travel brochure. After all, these are secondary to a great education if you plan on moving down under.

Education in Australia


So without further ado, here are a few reasons why you should choose Australia for your higher education:

1. The Two Year Post Study Work Visa

Called as the Temporary Residency Permit, the two-year post study work visa in Australia allows you to take on any job and work after graduation for a maximum period of two years. The plus side of this is that it doesn’t put any restrictions on you to earn a certain amount of salary to be eligible to work, thus giving you a chance to earn back some part of your investment.

2. Growing Economy

Australia has a growing economy, and due to this, there are certain jobs which are always in demand in the market. Researching them in detail can give you a head-start when you begin your job search there. More importantly, if you have some manner of work experience here, then you could also look into the list of professions for which the Australian government directly gives a permanent residency directly.

3. Good Draw in South Asia

An Australian education holds good worth even in the South Asian market, and especially in South-East Asia, so you will not be restricted to the continent of Australia once you complete your education. It will help you get a job in the South Asian countries, or even in New Zealand, as long as your employer is willing to sponsor your visa.

4. Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available for students of merit, be it in sports or academics, in Australia. Applying for these scholarships is easy, and with a strong application, your chances of getting a scholarship should be quite good. Indeed, most of the universities offer some form of financial aid or the other to most students, to help them manage their cost of education and work hard at it.

Beyond that, you can work for 20 hours in a week even while studying, and a decent part-time job could go a long way in managing expenses. It’ll be a further bonus if the job is in your field of choice, and the experience gained and contacts developed there could help you once you start hunting for a full time job on graduation.

5. Social Life

Beyond education, students also seek a good balance of social life and studies in foreign countries. Australia offers this in spades, and along with an international education, it will also make you a more confident person, able to deal with a variety of situations with ease.

All of these are strong factors in choosing Australia as a destination for higher education.


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