Clean India becoming a reality

We all have heard about the various initiatives being taken by the government to ensure that the country remains clean and hygienic, but topping the charts this week is the Maharashtra government. Following the Swachh Bharat wave, Maharashtra government has decided to come up with a new law which prohibits people from spitting in public places. A great step, this law can actually help the state in fighting the cleanliness problem at various levels. The law says that if a person is seen spitting in a public place, then he/she would have to bear the consequences which will include a fine and community service for a certain period of time.

So, good news for all the Indians, we have already started seeing the change. Spitting is something that not only makes our surroundings dirty and unhygienic, it can also spread various communicable diseases. People who spit are no doubt a blot on the society themselves, and it is high time they found a better place to spit on than on the road or even worse on the walls. In lieu of this, the Maharashtra government has decided to frame a law which will stop people from spitting in public places and punish them for doing the same.

Proposed by the state health minister, Dr. Deepak Sawant, the law will impose a 1000-rupee fine on the person who breaks the law once with a day of community service, a second time offender will have to pay 3000 rupees as fine and will have to do three days of community service and a third time offender will have to pay 5000 rupees as fine and put five days into community service. The law will soon be applicable all over the state; it is an initiative to make the state cleaner and Maharashtra will become the first state in the country to get an anti-spitting law, once it gets approved by the assembly.

The state officials have also told that one of the major reasons behind putting such a law in practice is that only fines usually don’t do any good and this law with its community service will put the offenders to shame. Also, this law will help in the prevention of spreading of dangerous communicable diseases like the swine flu, tuberculosis etc.

Well, good times are certainly on their way, the laws are changing for the good. The laws are changing so that the population of the country can live in a clean environment and it is definitely a good sign.

Now, it is clear that the government is taking its responsibility seriously and we have to see what the public will do about theirs. We hope more states start putting such laws in place which will help changing the overall living conditions of the country.

The Maharashtra government has set an example for other states by approving such a law, and we hope the application isn’t a problem either. We wish to see many more such laws which stop people from doing anything which deters the cleanliness and the hygiene of the country. Also, the people will not have to put up with the nuisance of spitting anymore. Such a relief!

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  1. When Indian Prime Minister turned to the roads with a broom in his hands, it became an international news. At the same time, a concern was genuinely put up where it was argued if this idea will be successful in a long term. Guess what? Clean India is not just doing good in few areas but is a massive hit in a few. However, taking it to national level and analysing its extent is still a subject of observation.


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