Why co-ed schools are better than single sex schools?

The debate on which one of the two types of social institutions stands better is unresolved. Researchers working on possible reforms in educational sector have come up with all the conceivable pros and cons but ultimately the decision to go with go with any of them mostly depends on parents and sometimes on students.

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Interestingly, people carry quite weird notions about their children studying with the opposite sex. The reasons are bizarre and they like to assume more than what actually is. Some advocate against co-ed believing that studying with the opposite gender results in highest probability of getting distracted in studies and attraction towards others at an early age. This, however, offers a lot of open-end arguments. Distraction and attraction towards someone completely depends on an individual and has partly to do with their social circle. Students from same-sex school could be equally inattentive in class as they would have been otherwise. Parents trying to solely hold back their children from mixing with the opposite gender in schools cannot prevent them from socializing outside school, or in that case, from networking with the whole world. On the other hand, there is a better argument which enlightens the difficulties a student might have while participating in a class with the opposite gender. Even here, a combatting rejoinder to that would be the benefits of studying in a co-ed setting. The slightest intimidation we are talking about here comes from an obvious fear of embarrassment and notion of insufficiency. This, if not worked upon, may hit the biggest in a student’s professional life and further in their married life as well. The ability to interact, socialize and adjust is higher among students from co-ed schools.

We cannot simply refute the paybacks a co-ed setting offers and be blind to very narrow reasons. Undeniably, in most cases students studying in a diverse environment grow up to be smarter, confident and thoughtful than the ones studying in same sex school, although having no variance in aspirations. Again, studying with the other gender can bring along knowledge about dealing with difference in opinions, several approaches and anticipating behavioral tendencies. This is most evident during debates or group discussions in schools. Infact a lot is achieved when it comes to application of social etiquettes, be it in schools or outside it. Moreover, the most important factor here is fighting stereotypes. When the world is moving towards aggressive development in gender equality what better way to achieve the same other than boosting our children to accept, cooperate and foster a healthy attitude towards the other sex. We, the older generation, as responsible guardians must look forward to breaking taboos.

We often commit the mistake of perceiving the other gender as someone ‘different’ from us and not just another form of homo-sapiens. Remaining in a safe zone is like putting up in a room for the whole life – too much safety can invite a lot of costly consequences and achievement cannot come unless there is a scope for little discomfort.


  1. Co- ed with good amount of separation and space for privacy of each gender many schools do work at these and are successful. Good demarcation to prevent hazard for the rest of ones life is worth any move.


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