Common Teenage girl problems and their solutions

Teenage is like a wonderland, teenage phase is the most memorable phase of anyone’s life, and the whole world becomes your oyster. Dreams are wild and life is one good summer song, but as the rule goes, there is positive cannot exist without negative, the yin-yang philosophy dominates the world and hence the teen life too is not a bed of roses. Teenage girls suffer from a plethora of problems and they hardly find a solution to them, so let us discuss the major problems almost every teenage girl suffers along with their effective solutions.


The very thing from where teenage life of a girl takes a flight is when she starts menstruating. Now obviously when she experiences it for the very first time, she steps in this whole new world where every month she has to go through pain and in some cases hormonal imbalance. For some teen girls it becomes a nightmare and a trauma if they are not ready for it and it suddenly strikes.


  1. Talk about it before she gets around it, explain everything very logically and casually that how it is a natural process and do not make a big deal out of it.
  2. Clear all her doubts about it, answer each and every question she asks very clearly and openly.
  3. Teach her how to handle it all properly in emergency situations and not to panic at all.
  4. Teach her how to track her periods so as to avoid any emergency situation.


Almost every teenage girl suffers from this problem mostly because wherever they see they see girls being presented as the epitome of beauty. For many teenage girls, looks matter too much and the solutions to this problem are pretty simple.


  1. Discuss with her about how looks don’t matter as much as the nature of a person
  2. Assure her that no matter what she was and will always remain the prettiest girl for you.
  3. Give her advice that she should avoid such people who prioritize looks of a person rather than their nature and character.


Nowadays parents unconsciously put too much pressure on children of scoring high in exams. Teenage girls suffer a lot of pressure of being the best in class and while parents are expecting from them to perform good the competition in schools too kills their free spirit.


  1. Tell her to perform her best and no need to take stress for that, tell her how grades are no way to judge the overall intelligence of a person.
  2. If she is not really that much interested in studies try to find what else she is interested in doing. Many girls nowadays are choosing sports, singing, painting, etc. as their future carrier so try to find the true interest of her and guide her towards that path.


Teenage girl including all the complications of new world also greatly suffers from the natural first crushes and the ghostly feel of love. Teenage girl’s gets to know all about sex at this time, but in a very wrong way, the media all around us has made love equivalent to having sex which is certainly not true. Hence, for a teenage girl, it becomes a common understanding that if there is a relationship then having sex is a must. Also, most of the girls have no idea about safer sex and the hazards of unsafe sex.


  1. Tell her how sex is not important while having a relationship and how it is completely all right to say No to it.
  2. Discuss with her about sex and everything related to it openly, tell her about safer sex, how there is a proper age to have that experience and how teenage is not a good time to indulge in it.


Everybody in their teenage somehow suffers from bullying and teenage girls are no different, while going through the complications, suffering from any kind of bullying can affect them a lot and it can leave a scar on their heart and mind for a lifetime.


  1. Remain updated about her activities, talk to her about what happened at school and how was her day.
  2. If you get a feeling that she is avoiding going to school or she is in some stress the talk with her about it in detail, If she is suffering from bullying then tell her about your own experiences and ensure her that how she should take it lightly and never to take any bullying from anyone, tell her how to be strong and oppose such behavior in a safe way.


Friendship in teenage like everything becomes a complicated matter too. Teenage girls may suffer from the possible mood swings and bad temper at this age, which may affect their friendship a lot.


  1. Teach your girl that sometimes friends do fight with each other, but that does not make the friends bad.
  2. Teach her how it is all right to admit your mistakes and apologize.
  3. Teach her to respect her friends’ opinions and not to press her opinions on them.


Teenage girls in this phase of life go through a lot of metal and physical changes and they often develop a habit to compare themselves with other girls. Your teenage girl may get a bit more conscious about what she wears, how she looks and how she talks by comparing herself with other girls which ultimately affects her self confidence and results in anxiety issues.


  1. Teach her how she is unique and has her own personality and she doesn’t need to compare herself with anyone.
  2. Encourage her not to idolize models and actresses but to make her own unique personality.


  1. The years of puberty are a tough time for any teenager. For girls, it is more complicated to be in that age for the obvious physical changes taking place significantly. Menstruation, peer pressure, physical appearance and the hormonal changes can be seen as the prime changes. At times, it is known to subject them to unsafe sex and bullying otherwise. We must acquaint the girls with the about-to-happen changes, one. Two, if they report anything unusual, it must be taken seriously!


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